3 Simple Ways to See the Best of Davao in Kadayawan

The Kadayawan festival is getting closer. Next month, locals and tourists alike will have a feast of the best sights, sounds, food, and culture that Davao has to offer.

Are you planning to go to Davao by then? You might want to add three activities to your itinerary.

1. Explore as much of Davao City as you can

With its 2,443 square kilometres of land area, the city of Davao is a huge place to have many adventures in. Take a stroll in the famous People’s Park in the centre of the city. Have more than a few bites to eat at the night market in Roxas avenue. Nature lover? Visit Eden Nature Park to relax in a tranquil mountain atmosphere. And if retail therapy is your thing, Davao city is home to more than enough shopping centres to find whatever you may want. Even if you’ve done all of these, there’s still a lot to see and experience in Davao city. You surely will never get bored.

2. Visit Samal island

Just about a 20 minute boat ride away, you can experience the picturesque beaches of Samal island. Though it isn’t summer, it’s still a good time to take a swim. With cloud cover on your side, you’ll be at a lesser risk of sunburn. But still use sunscreen, of course, just to be safe.

3. Climb Mt. Apo

In many parts of Davao city, you can catch a glimpse of the towering mt. Apo. It’s always an awe to behold, but to actually climb it is much better. But it’s too far from Davao city, you say. Not to worry.

Discover Mt. Apo offers all-in packages for climbing the Philippines’ tallest mountain. Choose from either our group climb or solo/duo climb packages, which include transport, complete meals, climb equipment, and a lot more. You’ll also be in good company through your adventure with our well-trained mt. Apo guides.

climbing mt. apo

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Booking a Mt. Apo Guide is Easier Than Ever

Climbing mt. Apo is always an adventure to look forward to. Even long before the trek, mountaineers diligently prepare for it. Mostly it’s done through exercises that build endurance. The climb requires a lot of that, especially considering mt. Apo’s height of nearly 3,000 meters.

Besides physically, climbers also prepare logistically. They would be on the lookout for the best mt. Apo guide for their endeavor. Certainly there are so many to choose from. But if part of what you’re looking for is convenience, that is where Discover Mt. Apo shines.

mt. apo guide

No more phone calls and visits to the office to book a mt. Apo guide.

Gone are the days where you have to dial long-distance to plan your hike. And you don’t have to go to an actual office either. After all, who wants to bother braving traffic and getting lost amongst confusing street layouts?

Instead, everything can be done online. That’s from choosing a climb schedule down to payment. You can even be in constant communication with the DMA Team in case you have any concerns.

You don’t even have to be in the Philippines.

Citizens of any part of the world are surely welcome to climb mt. Apo. Thanks to the modern internet, turning that dream into reality is a lot less of a chore. All you must do is simply book your climb through the website. You can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time.

climbing mt apo

Payment isn’t a hassle, either.

Also owing to the modern internet, paying for your climb package does not demand much of your time. Just pay through credit card, debit card, or through PayPal, and you’re all set. The Discover Mt. Apo website is secured, so all of your confidential information remains that way.


Ready to begin your journey? Contact us now and make your trek to mt. Apo Davao a breeze.

Oh, and if you need help, watch the tutorial video below to see how the online booking at Discover Mt. Apo works.


Is Climbing Mt. Apo Vegan-Friendly?

When you’re climbing mt. Apo, certainly you do not want to go hungry. You will need lots of energy to complete the hike. Especially that you’ll be climbing the Philippines’ tallest mountain.

Good news for you is the climb packages at Discover Mt. Apo include food. Not just food but complete meals for the 3 days of the trek. Our professional mt. Apo guides are trained to prepare meals even in the mountains during the hike. The food they’ll have ready ensures that you will have enough strength to keep climbing.

What if I’m vegan or vegetarian?

Not to worry! Our mt. Apo guides are also equipped with the knowledge of vegan/vegetarian diets. They can certainly cater to your needs.

mt. apo guides

How will the Mt. Apo guides know my food preferences?

In choosing your climb package, you can further customize your meal plan. You may choose between the vegan/vegetarian option or the regular meals, depending on your preference. Choosing the vegan/vegetarian option tells the guides of your special diet needs way before the climb.

So if you want to climb mt. Apo without compromising your healthy lifestyle, you’re in good hands. We care about the diet you have worked so hard to maintain. After all, a good diet coupled with good exercise can only lead to a truly fit body.

Is the vegan/vegetarian meal option available in both climb packages?

Yes they are! Whether you’re with a group or going solo, complete meals good for 3 days are always included. With that, you can choose to have the vegan/vegetarian menu or not.

In the group climb, if one or more people choose this option, it does not have to apply to the whole group. Our mt. Apo guides can cook both vegan/vegetarian and regular meals in the same climb. No worries for the meat lovers in the group.


Ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Book your climb now! We at Discover Mt. Apo assure you of a great hiking experience, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned climber.


climbing mt. apo

Climbing Mt. Apo for a Noble Cause

Cancer is a silent killer. It rears its ugly head at the least time people expect it to. Once it’s there, cancer does not show any signs. It rarely draws attention to itself. The symptoms are often thought to be harmless. People realise they have cancer often too late, once it has already spread too much around the body. Next thing they know, their fate is effectively sealed.

However, today, things have changed a lot. The tireless efforts of cancer researchers have allowed early detection to now be possible. Early diagnosis combined with more treatment options has produced more and more survivors of cancer. Still, even with how advanced modern medicine is, the war against the silent killer is far from over. There still are stories of people suddenly realising they have terminal-stage cancer. Realising they only have weeks to live is never an easy thought to bear.

So what does cancer have to do with climbing Mt. Apo?

Excellent question. In fact, scaling a tall peak may not even be the last thing on the mind of a cancer patient.

It is what three great men had in mind, though. Meet Mark Jacobs, Nick Cunningham, and Mark Clayton from the China 2 West Group.

climbing mt. Apo climbing mt. Apo     climbing mt. Apo

From left to right: Mark Jacobs (CEO), Mark Clayton (CFO), and Nick Cunningham (Founder/President) of the China 2 West company. Photos from the China 2 West website.


These guys do not have cancer, but they are avid mountain climbers as well as staunch supporters of cancer research. Combining both these passions, they have taken the challenge of hiking three of Asia’s highest mountains in just one week. Mount Apo was their first stop.

The 3 Peaks 1 Week Charity Hiking Challenge

Mt. Apo in the Philippines, Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, and Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia. That’s a combined height of more than 10 kilometres, which is about 2km higher than Mt. Everest. The three guys were willing to trek through the terrain all in the name of furthering cancer research.

And they chose Discover Mt. Apo to take them through the Philippines’ highest peak which took place last June 13-14.

Congratulations to Mark, Nick, and Mark for conquering Mt. Apo for a noble cause!

climbing mt. apo


Do you want to take on a similar challenge? You don’t need to scale 3 peaks though; climbing Mt. Apo is an adventure in itself already. Book your climb with us now and begin your journey to the summit!


Is Climbing Mt. Apo on Your Own a Good Idea?

Climbing Mt. Apo Davao is a great adventure that many people seek. Some adventurers even take it to the next level and challenge themselves to hike on their own. If you have that same feeling, you may want to consider doing a solo climb.

Why a solo climb?

Climbing Mt. Apo at your own pace. The best part of a solo climb is hiking as fast or as slow as you want to. No one else will be annoyed with however you want to approach the trek. Our Mt. Apo guides will be happy to adjust to your pace.

Choose your own dates. With the group climb, you’ll have to choose from our set schedules. Not everyone would be available at those dates, so if you’re having that dilemma, you may want to book a solo climb.

You have more alone time. If mountain climbing is your escape from a world full of people on a rush, the solo/couple climb is pretty much ideal. Experience tranquility thousands of feet above sea level with no one else to bother you. Marvel in the picturesque view that only a mountain range can afford without the chatter of other people’s voices.

climbing mt. apo

Then again, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for solo climbers. Consider the disadvantages as well.

Why Not?

It’s a lot more expensive. A solo climb is PHP 22,997 per person, while the duo climb is 12,997 per person. It’s more costly to bring fewer people up into Mt. Apo, so you’ll have to be willing to invest that much.

You might not like having less company. You could be the type of person that likes having friends along for an adventure as big as this. If you think you’ll go crazy climbing Mt. Apo alone, then this is definitely not for you.

Not as many people to help you out in an emergency. It’s not that you won’t make it with fewer people to help you; it’s just that you might like it better to have more company in the event of an emergency. If this is one of your concerns, then a solo climb may not be the best for you.


Are you an adventurous introvert? Or perhaps you just want to feel the thrill of climbing a mountain on your own. Book a solo/duo climb now with Discover Mt. Apo and look forward to setting a milestone in your lifetime!

climbing mt. apo

Climbing Mt. Apo as a Group: Is It Right For You?

Climbing mt. Apo is certainly fun, fulfilling, and for some even life-changing. It could be the biggest challenge of your life to try and conquer the Philippines’ highest peak, but once you’ve done it, you will feel absolutely empowered.

Hiking along with your friends is a nice way of getting this experience. Most people would choose to climb as a group, as it gives them financial and practical gains.

What’s Good About a Group Climb


Group climbs have cheaper rates

At Discover Mt. Apo, for instance, you can be with a group of up to five other climbers for just less than P7,000 per person. That also includes being in the presence of three highly skilled and qualified mt. Apo guides to help you through the trek. It also includes other perks:

  • Climb certification
  • Compulsory climb fees (registration, exit fees, booking fees)
  • Transport (via private air-conditioned van) with our DMA guides (back & forth Davao-Basecamp-Davao; pick up from a specific location [to be announced] and free transport after climb [within Davao city only])
  • Complete meals for 3 days (Day 1: Lunch, Dinner; Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch)
  • FREE filtered water
  • FREE use of tent (2-3 persons per tent)
  • FREE use of trekking poles (1 pole per person)
  • FREE souvenir jersey shirts (“I conquered Mt Apo” designed by Team DMA)
  • FREE YouTube video of the climb (compilation of photos from the climb provided by the clients)

“Only 6 people,” you ask? There’s a really good reason for this: We want you to maximize the experience as much as you can even with a group. We understand that group climbs can become tedious, sometimes even stressful. Limiting the number of people to 6 would reduce that tendency, so you can enjoy the majestic mountain more fully.

You won’t be alone in climbing mt. Apo

Climbing a mountain, for most people, can be quite a daunting task. Done on your own, the fear factor elevates even further. But with others to keep you company, the climb will be a lot more fulfilling and less threatening. Having other people to share the burden of the hike with keeps the exhaustion at bay. And with our mt. Apo guides to show you the way, the trek will be straightforward.

You have lots of help in case of an emergency

It’s very possible to get injured, fatigued, or discouraged in the course of the climb. In case something like that ever happens, you’re in good hands. With at least five other people, plus our mt. Apo guides, to help you out, you’ll make it through all right. Especially when you’re feeling down and don’t want to continue the climb, but your group does, they can lift you out of that rut and push you to conquer mt. Apo along with them!

mt. apo guides

However, group climbs are not for everyone. If you’re a person that likes to do things in your own pace, or prefer to have some quality alone-time thousands of feet above sea level, this may not be for you.

Why You May Not Like a Group Climb


You cannot just wander off on your own

When you’re climbing mt. Apo with others, you cannot just simply break away from the group and do your own thing. Each person is each other’s responsibility. If someone is missing, it is everyone’s problem. To avoid having to hunt for each other during the hike, it is always best to stick together most of the time.

But this doesn’t mean you absolutely cannot have some time off by yourself. You still may, but make sure to inform your fellow climbers that you’ll be gone for a while. Also, you should limit your time away from the group; they don’t want to lose their patience waiting for you to return.

mt. apo guides

Other group members could slow you down

Not all climbers are trained equally. Some have extensive experience in mountain climbing and can endure hours upon hours of going uphill. On the other hand, some may not have that kind of endurance, especially for first-time climbers. Thus, in some cases, the group may have to adjust to someone who gets tired easily. This can be especially frustrating to seasoned climbers, but it is part and parcel of being in a group climb. It is vastly important here to bring lots of patience.

Your alone time is limited

On a group climb, it’s very hard to find an opportunity to go on full introvert-mode. Remember that the rule is you must stick together as much as possible, as any wandering off can be dangerous on unfamiliar terrain. Therefore, you might not be able to find as much solitude as you want up in the mountain in a group climb. While other climbers do respect your privacy, you are still in a group climb, so you will have to cooperate. The mt. Apo guides will likely also tell you to not go wandering off alone for too long.

mt. apo guides


If budget is your biggest concern, booking a group climb would be the best way to conquer mt. Apo Davao. It is the most affordable way you can experience a trek into the country’s highest summit. But if you do have some extra money to spare, and don’t want to deal with the drawbacks of group climbs, you can always choose to hike on your own.

Discover mt. Apo offers both group and solo/duo packages to fit your needs. Book now and find out what’s just right for you. Each climb will be facilitated by our trained and certified mt. Apo guides, assuring you of an excellent mountaineering experience.

Freedom in Climbing Mt. Apo

The Philippines just celebrated its Independence Day last June 12. This year marks the 120th year since the Philippines gained freedom from more than 300 years of Spanish rule. Mabuhay! Independence has its ups and downs, but we want to focus on the ups. One of the liberties you gain is the freedom of climbing mt. Apo whenever you want.

Whether you’re a Filipino or a foreigner, it’s a great experience to climb the highest peak in the Philippines. As a Filipino, you don’t want to be a foreigner in your own country, so go ahead and explore. And if you’re a foreigner, mt. Apo is a good choice; it’s one of the great tourist destinations the Philippines has to offer the world.

But climbing mt. Apo would not be a good experience without proper planning. Thankfully, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to arrange your climb. Just do your due diligence beforehand, and you’ll surely enjoy your trek through the mountain.


Cheaper flights

Promo fares and seat sales are everywhere in the Philippines, and they go on at any time of the year. Be always on the lookout for cheap flights from different carriers. Book your flights to mt. Apo Davao according to when you want your climb to be. Ensure allowing for a few days of travel time too, because it’s a long ride from the Davao airport to the foot of mt. Apo.


Good mt. Apo guides

climbing mt. Apo

Hiking on your own is not advisable, especially if you have never been to mt. Apo before. Climb guides like ours at Discover mt. Apo are there to keep you headed in the right direction all the time. Getting lost in the mountains is never pleasant, so it pays to have people to guide your way. Our mt. Apo guides also know more than one trail as well, so you can choose which one you want to pass through.


Legal and government-backed

mt. apo guides

Whenever you book a climb with us, you’re always assured that the excursion is completely legal. Discover mt. Apo secures permits from the local government for every climb arranged, and our mt. Apo guides are likewise registered and recognised by the local government to conduct tours through the mountain. Entry and exit fees required by the local government are also included in our tour packages. You can be certain that your climb is legitimate.





3 Simple Rules for Preserving the Environment While Climbing Mt. Apo

Climbing mt. Apo can be your best and most memorable outdoor experience: The fresh mountain wind gently hitting your face, the magnificent view from above greeting your eyes, and the lush greenery brushing against your shoes. The whole journey may be exhausting, but in the end is all worth the effort. Reaching the summit feels as if you have conquered your greatest challenge yet.

All the while, the picturesque mountain environment envelops you and keeps your eyes staring in awe. A great part of the climb is witnessing the nice view, and it should be that way for all climbers. That’s especially true for those that go after you.

It is every climber’s duty is to preserve the mountain’s environment. As much as possible, the trail should be looking as pristine as it was before the climbers got there. So if you’re an aspiring to trek into mt. Apo, always keep these principles in mind.


1. Take nothing but pictures.

Everything that is in the mountain belongs to the mountain. Leave the plants, trees, and animals alone. Don’t pick flowers, fruits, leaves, or anything – not even stones. Nothing in mt. Apo’s environment belongs to you, so leave them where they are. Just keep climbing; enjoy the journey to the summit. If there would be anything that catches your eye, don’t pocket it. Instead, pull out the camera from your pocket and just take a good photo.

2. Leave nothing but footprints.

The first rule of keeping any place clean is “no littering”. Never throw any piece of trash onto the ground. No one wants to go climbing mt. Apo only to find plastic bags and bottles strewn all over the trail. Either pocket your trash or put them in your bag for the moment. You will always find a proper waste bin to dispose of them after the trek. If you don’t want to carry any garbage in your bags, avoid bringing disposable plastics altogether. Rather, go for the reusable ones like tumblers, lunch boxes, and ziplocks.


3. Kill nothing but time.

What if you chance upon a cool-looking animal you haven’t yet seen anywhere else? It’s tempting to touch it, pet it, or even feed it. No matter how strong the emotional connection is, though, just don’t. The wildlife are pretty much living fine in their natural habitats. Anyone climbing mt. Apo has no reason to upset the delicate balance of its ecosystem. Let the critters scurry along their merry way. More so, people taking notice of them may already be stressful for them, so it’s really in the animals’ best interests for climbers to leave them be. You never know, doing what you think is harmless may soon spell the end of an entire species.


Eco-friendly climbers are the best climbers. Be one of them and surely you’ll make a lot of friends along the way. Ready to begin your journey? Contact us now for the best mt. Apo guides you can get for an affordable price.

Climbing Mt. Apo: Three Tips for Getting Over It

Climbing a mountain is a common metaphor for conquering your fears. It takes a lot of effort, both physical and mental. It also takes time; convincing yourself of doing the thing you’re afraid of is never done overnight.

At first the idea of climbing mt. Apo may make your hair stand on end. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it means you’re filled with excitement, but bad because at the same time, you’re consumed by fear. Worse is most of the time, the fear takes over. Your “what ifs” and doubts overwhelm your mind. Thanks to that, you decide not to climb the mountain anymore.

Before you can even climb to the physical peak of mt. Apo, you must get over that mountain in your mind first.

Facing that fear is an uphill battle too. It may not be physically taxing, but it still takes much conscious effort. Just getting yourself to make the decision to climb is already something to conquer in itself. In this conflict of the mind, you will need all the help you can get, so here are three pieces of advice to get over it.

1. Feeling afraid is normal.

Fear is a natural human emotion. Biology and psychology would say that fear protects us from danger. Climbing mt. Apo does have its risks, so some of your fears are pretty much valid concerns. Feeling afraid does not mean you’re weak; it only means you are a normal human being.

2. People fear what they don’t know.

If people do something for the first time and they have no idea what to expect, they feel afraid. That’s the thing: people are afraid of what they don’t know. Ask yourself this: “Am I afraid of climbing mt. Apo, or am I just afraid of not knowing what will happen?” More than likely, it’s the latter you’re fearing.

3. Facing a fear will only make you stronger.

There’s a quotation that goes like this: “Face your fears and they will disappear.” It’s very true. You are only afraid before the climb. Once you’re doing it, you may still be nervous, but slowly you will feel your fears whittle away. The higher up the mountain you get to, the more confident will be. Excitement will then take over the fear that has overwhelmed you before. And once the fear is gone, you will have the greatest feeling you’ve ever had in your life.

Once you’ve finally made that decision, the next thing you’ll need are some reliable mt. Apo guides. At Discover Mt. Apo, our guides are fully equipped and trained to give you the best mountaineering experience. Contact us now to know more about how to book your climb.


Climbing Mt. Apo: An Uphill Battle

Climbing Mt. Apo is a very exciting prospect.

The feeling of trekking uphill for the first time makes your heart beat faster and gives you a rush of adrenaline. More so if you’re about to head for the tallest mountain in the Philippines. It can certainly feel good when you’re already there. Before that, though, there may be a bigger challenge – getting yourself to actually commit to the climb.

Making that decision can be hard for most people.

You may be feeling the fear yourself. What if I don’t make it to the top? What if I get too tired early? What if I don’t have the endurance to make it? These and many other questions may be on your mind when you have never climbed a mountain yet.

It’s a valid concern. People always fear things they are not sure of because they like to be in control. The issue, though, is exactly that you are not sure of what will happen. Yes, you could be tired early. Yes, you may not make it to the top. All of these are possible, but they are not certain.

Now turn all of that the other way around.

Ask yourself these questions instead: What if I do make it to the top? What if I do have the endurance? What if I won’t get tired easily?

See how everything changes? It’s all in the attitude. If you really, genuinely want to climb Mt. Apo, you have to convince yourself that it’s worth a shot. Don’t let those fears take control of you. Instead, face those fears and watch them disappear. You will be surprised at what you can do when you set your fear aside. Do it anyway. After you’re done with the climb, you will thank yourself a lot.

So, are you trying to find ways on how to climb Mt. Apo? Contact us today and book your climb. We have you covered.