Freedom in Climbing Mt. Apo

The Philippines just celebrated its Independence Day last June 12. This year marks the 120th year since the Philippines gained freedom from more than 300 years of Spanish rule. Mabuhay! Independence has its ups and downs, but we want to focus on the ups. One of the liberties you gain is the freedom of climbing mt. Apo whenever you want.

Whether you’re a Filipino or a foreigner, it’s a great experience to climb the highest peak in the Philippines. As a Filipino, you don’t want to be a foreigner in your own country, so go ahead and explore. And if you’re a foreigner, mt. Apo is a good choice; it’s one of the great tourist destinations the Philippines has to offer the world.

But climbing mt. Apo would not be a good experience without proper planning. Thankfully, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to arrange your climb. Just do your due diligence beforehand, and you’ll surely enjoy your trek through the mountain.


Cheaper flights

Promo fares and seat sales are everywhere in the Philippines, and they go on at any time of the year. Be always on the lookout for cheap flights from different carriers. Book your flights to mt. Apo Davao according to when you want your climb to be. Ensure allowing for a few days of travel time too, because it’s a long ride from the Davao airport to the foot of mt. Apo.


Good mt. Apo guides

climbing mt. Apo

Hiking on your own is not advisable, especially if you have never been to mt. Apo before. Climb guides like ours at Discover mt. Apo are there to keep you headed in the right direction all the time. Getting lost in the mountains is never pleasant, so it pays to have people to guide your way. Our mt. Apo guides also know more than one trail as well, so you can choose which one you want to pass through.


Legal and government-backed

mt. apo guides

Whenever you book a climb with us, you’re always assured that the excursion is completely legal. Discover mt. Apo secures permits from the local government for every climb arranged, and our mt. Apo guides are likewise registered and recognised by the local government to conduct tours through the mountain. Entry and exit fees required by the local government are also included in our tour packages. You can be certain that your climb is legitimate.