Is Climbing Mt. Apo on Your Own a Good Idea?

Climbing Mt. Apo Davao is a great adventure that many people seek. Some adventurers even take it to the next level and challenge themselves to hike on their own. If you have that same feeling, you may want to consider doing a solo climb.

Why a solo climb?

Climbing Mt. Apo at your own pace. The best part of a solo climb is hiking as fast or as slow as you want to. No one else will be annoyed with however you want to approach the trek. Our Mt. Apo guides will be happy to adjust to your pace.

Choose your own dates. With the group climb, you’ll have to choose from our set schedules. Not everyone would be available at those dates, so if you’re having that dilemma, you may want to book a solo climb.

You have more alone time. If mountain climbing is your escape from a world full of people on a rush, the solo/couple climb is pretty much ideal. Experience tranquility thousands of feet above sea level with no one else to bother you. Marvel in the picturesque view that only a mountain range can afford without the chatter of other people’s voices.

climbing mt. apo

Then again, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for solo climbers. Consider the disadvantages as well.

Why Not?

It’s a lot more expensive. A solo climb is PHP 22,997 per person, while the duo climb is 12,997 per person. It’s more costly to bring fewer people up into Mt. Apo, so you’ll have to be willing to invest that much.

You might not like having less company. You could be the type of person that likes having friends along for an adventure as big as this. If you think you’ll go crazy climbing Mt. Apo alone, then this is definitely not for you.

Not as many people to help you out in an emergency. It’s not that you won’t make it with fewer people to help you; it’s just that you might like it better to have more company in the event of an emergency. If this is one of your concerns, then a solo climb may not be the best for you.


Are you an adventurous introvert? Or perhaps you just want to feel the thrill of climbing a mountain on your own. Book a solo/duo climb now with Discover Mt. Apo and look forward to setting a milestone in your lifetime!