How high is Mt. Apo?

Mt. Apo stands at 3,146 metres (9,692 ft.), making it the highest peak in the Philippines.

Who were the first people to conquer Mt. Apo?

Among the the to reach the mountain’s peak was a group lead by Don Joaquin Rajal.

When was Mt. Apo declared a national park?

It was declared a national park by President Manuel Quezon in May 9, 1936.

Where did Mt. Apo get its name?

It is said that the mountain got its name from a nobleman named Apong who died while mediating a fights for the hand of his daughter Saribu. Another possible origin of the name is from the word “apo” which in Filipino means grandfather or master.

What are the ethnic tribes which reside in the mountain?

Mt. Apo is home to the Manobos, Bagobo, Ubos, Atas and the Tagacaolo.

How many species of vertebrates can be found in Mt. Apo?

So far, 227 species of reptiles, bird and mammals have been recorded in the area.

What is the easiest trail to get to peak?

It is said that the Kidapawan-Magpet trail is the easiest and fastest way to the top.

On the average, how long does it take to climb Mt. Apo?

It takes about 3-4 hours to get to the top.