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3 Compelling Reasons for Climbing Mt. Apo During Kadayawan

The Kadayawan festival is fast approaching. It highlights the greatness of Davao city’s diverse cultures, and as such it’s a pretty colorful event. The festival is one thing that Davao city is very well-known for, and tourists flock to the city during Kadayawan season.

This season also presents a great opportunity to climb the country’s highest peak. But why would you want to do that amid the excitement of Kadayawan? Here are three good reasons.

Fewer people climbing mt. Apo

Most people will be too busy participating in the festivities of Kadayawan in the heart of Davao City. This means you’ll have less competition for mt. Apo during this time. The fewer people trekking through the mountain, the more you can enjoy the experience intimately. Also, you can easily choose from among the best mt. Apo guides available, since they’re not too busy.

climbing mt. apo

Durian season

Durian is considered the King of All Fruits. Known for being smelly on the outside but tasty on the inside, you’ll love this fruit. Just don’t mind the strong odor; once you take a bite, you’ll change your mind about it.

The month of August is when Durians are most abundant. In Kadayawan season, you can see almost every street corner selling Durian. There will be more than one opportunity for adventurers to taste it. It’s the perfect treat after a grueling hike to mt. Apo.

climbing mt. apo

Take advantage of special Kadayawan discounts and sales

Kadayawan season is always good for business. The influx of tourists, both local and international, present great opportunities to earn something extra. To attract buyers, shops all over the city hold special sales and discounts. And that includes us at Discover Mt. Apo.

This season, we are offering a 10% discount on all our climb packages! Take full advantage of this, and fast – the offer is only good until August 21.

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