3 Simple Ways to See the Best of Davao in Kadayawan

The Kadayawan festival is getting closer. Next month, locals and tourists alike will have a feast of the best sights, sounds, food, and culture that Davao has to offer.

Are you planning to go to Davao by then? You might want to add three activities to your itinerary.

1. Explore as much of Davao City as you can

With its 2,443 square kilometres of land area, the city of Davao is a huge place to have many adventures in. Take a stroll in the famous People’s Park in the centre of the city. Have more than a few bites to eat at the night market in Roxas avenue. Nature lover? Visit Eden Nature Park to relax in a tranquil mountain atmosphere. And if retail therapy is your thing, Davao city is home to more than enough shopping centres to find whatever you may want. Even if you’ve done all of these, there’s still a lot to see and experience in Davao city. You surely will never get bored.

2. Visit Samal island

Just about a 20 minute boat ride away, you can experience the picturesque beaches of Samal island. Though it isn’t summer, it’s still a good time to take a swim. With cloud cover on your side, you’ll be at a lesser risk of sunburn. But still use sunscreen, of course, just to be safe.

3. Climb Mt. Apo

In many parts of Davao city, you can catch a glimpse of the towering mt. Apo. It’s always an awe to behold, but to actually climb it is much better. But it’s too far from Davao city, you say. Not to worry.

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climbing mt. apo

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