3 Simple Rules for Preserving the Environment While Climbing Mt. Apo

Climbing mt. Apo can be your best and most memorable outdoor experience: The fresh mountain wind gently hitting your face, the magnificent view from above greeting your eyes, and the lush greenery brushing against your shoes. The whole journey may be exhausting, but in the end is all worth the effort. Reaching the summit feels as if you have conquered your greatest challenge yet.

All the while, the picturesque mountain environment envelops you and keeps your eyes staring in awe. A great part of the climb is witnessing the nice view, and it should be that way for all climbers. That’s especially true for those that go after you.

It is every climber’s duty is to preserve the mountain’s environment. As much as possible, the trail should be looking as pristine as it was before the climbers got there. So if you’re an aspiring to trek into mt. Apo, always keep these principles in mind.


1. Take nothing but pictures.

Everything that is in the mountain belongs to the mountain. Leave the plants, trees, and animals alone. Don’t pick flowers, fruits, leaves, or anything – not even stones. Nothing in mt. Apo’s environment belongs to you, so leave them where they are. Just keep climbing; enjoy the journey to the summit. If there would be anything that catches your eye, don’t pocket it. Instead, pull out the camera from your pocket and just take a good photo.

2. Leave nothing but footprints.

The first rule of keeping any place clean is “no littering”. Never throw any piece of trash onto the ground. No one wants to go climbing mt. Apo only to find plastic bags and bottles strewn all over the trail. Either pocket your trash or put them in your bag for the moment. You will always find a proper waste bin to dispose of them after the trek. If you don’t want to carry any garbage in your bags, avoid bringing disposable plastics altogether. Rather, go for the reusable ones like tumblers, lunch boxes, and ziplocks.


3. Kill nothing but time.

What if you chance upon a cool-looking animal you haven’t yet seen anywhere else? It’s tempting to touch it, pet it, or even feed it. No matter how strong the emotional connection is, though, just don’t. The wildlife are pretty much living fine in their natural habitats. Anyone climbing mt. Apo has no reason to upset the delicate balance of its ecosystem. Let the critters scurry along their merry way. More so, people taking notice of them may already be stressful for them, so it’s really in the animals’ best interests for climbers to leave them be. You never know, doing what you think is harmless may soon spell the end of an entire species.


Eco-friendly climbers are the best climbers. Be one of them and surely you’ll make a lot of friends along the way. Ready to begin your journey? Contact us now for the best mt. Apo guides you can get for an affordable price.