Mt. Apo, which is located in the island of Mindanao, is dubbed as the Philippine’s highest peak. With its towering height of 2,954 meters, no wonder it bagged the title.

Although it won’t be a piece of cake when you climb Mt. Apo, I assure you that you’ll be ecstatic and mighty proud after doing it.

Here are 4 out of the many reasons why you should aim for the summit.

You will love the peace and quiet

As you walk on the trail of Mt. Apo, you will be grateful of the calmness and the stillness of the surroundings. All you can hear are the chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees, the sounds of the crickets and the rhythm of the cool breeze, to name a few. You will have the unique adventure of being one with nature.

By detaching yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life, you have an opportunity to detoxify yourself from the stresses, anxieties, and negativities. You will also be liberated from your hectic schedule. You will come out of this journey renewed, fresh, and clean as ever.

You have to experience it first hand

Watching a video on YouTube or looking up the pictures of Mt. Apo on Google won’t do any justice to Mt. Apo’s beauty and glory. You have to endure all the mud, the sweat, the pain, the hunger, and the thirst before seeing how marvelous it is.

Sorry, but there’s no shortcut when you climb Mt. Apo. You need to exert lots and lots of efforts by trekking for several days.

Aside from the mountain’s splendor, the feeling of exhilaration, thrill, and euphoria will still linger for years to come when this experience becomes a memory.

You have to see the view at the top

After surpassing all the challenges, you deserve nothing but the best, which is the view at the peak of Mt. Apo. The picturesque scene will be your reward after overcoming all the hardships to come face to face with Mt. Apo.

You can do anything  

When you will reach Mt. Apo’s summit, you just can’t stop. Because of this accomplishment, you’ll be inspired to dream big and to believe in yourself more. No goal will be too gigantic for you. In this case, no mountain will be too high for you. As long as you work hard, you know that you can conquer whatever you please.

With all these said, climb Mt. Apo now. Email us at discovermtapo@gmail.com to book your climb.

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Climbing Mt. Apo: Preparation for Your Adventure

Climbing the Philippines‘ highest mountain, the Mount Apo, will surely be a great and fun adventure for you and your companions, however, certain preparations must be made first.

Considering that this is an outdoor activity that requires not only a healthy body but an equally prepared mind as well, certain preparatory measures must be considered prior to taking your first step towards the apex of the Mindanao peak.

Here are some tips that could help you keep going when you and your friends (or other family members) opt to climb the majestic mountain soon especially that summer is just around the corner:

  1. Never miss a healthy first meal for the day. Eating a nutritious and balanced breakfast is important for you to get the right amount of carbohydrates and nutrients to generate the much-needed energy for your great Mt. Apo climb. Remember that climbing a landform that is 3,144 meters above sea level is not an easy task. In short, you have to be packed with energy as you kick start your adventure.
  2. Provide your family all the details of your trek. This is a necessary move that you should take before you even think of wearing your trekking shoes and carry your climbing bag. This will ensure your safety throughout the climb. This means that your family is aware of when they should expect you home. Therefore, when you tell them that you would be back by Tuesday, they will surely look for you should you not be home yet by then.
  3. Be aware of the weather forecast during your climb to Mount Apo. Since reaching the top of Mt. Apo would entail a few days of trekking and climbing, depending on the trail that you are taking, it is extremely important to know the weather updates on the days that you will be away for your own safety. By doing so, you will be saved from bad experience when you climb on a bad weather.
  4. Never leave the compass. Climbing Mt. Apo is definitely an exciting journey, especially if it would be your first time to be on top of it. Amid this excitement, you must never forget the fact that you might not be familiar of the terrain and the right way to reach the peak. With the help of a compass, you will be guided on which path to take.
Keep posted for more practical tips as you climb Mount Apo!


I’m back with a fresh article, which is a continuation of 5 Not-So-Easy Steps To Climb Mt. Apo. I’m sharing with you 5 more tips, which I know you’re thrilled to hear.

Book a Guide

It’s too risky and prohibited to go up the mountain alone. You must be accompanied by a guide, otherwise you can’t proceed to climb.

To be assured of your safety, you need to have a seasoned mountaineer to go with you to the peak. And you’re guaranteed to have such guide if you book your climb with a legitimate company. It’s because it hires expert mountain climbers, who know the Mt. Apo terrain even with their eyes closed.

Your safety must be a top priority, hence do business with a company that will not put you in jeopardy.

Prepare for the Trip                     

You’ll need to have your plane ticket and hotel accommodations all set, especially if you’ll be travelling from abroad. You also have to prepare your mountain climbing apparel, gears, equipment, and supplies. Besides that, you should process your permit ahead of your climb and pay your entrance and exit fees. Coordinate with your guide beforehand for any other requirements per protocol.

If you want to avoid the hassle of planning your climb, choose Discover Mt. Apo  because it offers an all-in package. From the airport transfer to the hotel accommodations, everything will be taken care of by the company. It will also shoulder your food and drinks and offers rental services for the equipment.  More importantly, it will handle all your climb permits and fees. You just have to bring yourself to Davao City.

Be Acquainted upon Arrival

Set up your base camp. Familiarize the mountain’s terrain by studying the maps. Also, be updated about weather conditions, or any news. Then double check your gears, equipment, and supplies. Moreover, always follow instructions and never hesitate to ask any questions. Finally, stretch and do warm-up before you start to climb Mt. Apo.

One, Two, Three, Climb

This is the time when everything you’ve read, studied, listened, and watched about mountain climbing will be put into action. Take your time if needed and know your pace. You must also listen and follow your guide. Get some rest along the way and be rehydrated to avoid fatigue. Additionally, you must always stay with your co-climbers. Lastly, take photos and savor every moment because you deserve it.

Respect the Mountain

Heard of the saying, “Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time?” This must be your philosophy in Mt. Apo or in any travel destination.

You should not leave any trash like plastic, cigarette butts, or other waste material. Also, you should never take or kill anything from the mountain so you can have a souvenir.

The mountain is home to over 272 species of birds, including the Philippine Eagle, and the indigenous groups. Because of this, everyone, including you, must do his or her part to preserve its glory.

Do you want to climb Mt. Apo the VIP style? Email us at discovermtapo@gmail.com to learn how.


To climb Mt. Apo is not a walk in the park. It’s not like you’ve decided to go on a mountaineering trip now and you can be at the foot of the mountain the following day hankering to take your first big leap.

Mountain climbing requires lots of hard work, willpower, and of course preparation so you can get to the summit. In fact, you need months of planning for this kind of outdoor sport.

No mountaineer became an overnight success. To help you carry on, i’m sharing with you the following steps to survive and conquer the Philippine’s highest peak.


William Penn once said, “Patience and diligence, like faith remove mountains.”

No matter how big the mountain is, you’ll overcome all the obstacles as long as you’re open to learn things needed to surpass them all.

You can start by reading books, and searching the web about Mt. Apo and the stuff you have to do for mountain climbing. You can also ask tips from your friends who have tried it. You can also watch videos and documentaries just to have an idea of what’s going to happen.

Know yourself

Complacency and conceitedness will lead you to your downfall. You must recognize and accept your weaknesses then strive to make up for them. By doing these, you’re already a step closer to victory.


Being in a state of optimal physical health can never be belittled. This is your ticket to get things done when you climb Mt. Apo. You’ve got to train hard, and exercise to condition your body for the upcoming strenuous activities.

So you can make it to the big day, follow these exercise routines before climbing Mt. Apo.

Have the Right Apparel  

The temperature at night ranges from 0-5°C. That’s near freezing point already. Because of the cold weather, you need to have the right kind and quality of clothing.

To give you an overview, a basic mountain climbing attire is composed of the base layer, the middle layer, and the outer layer.

The base layer is next immediately to the skin. Its purpose is to draw moisture from the skin and onto the clothing.

The middle layer is the one following the base layer. It will help keep your body warm because of its insulation effect.

The outer layer is right after the middle layer. This protects the body from the harsh weather conditions.

Get your mountain gears ready

The mountain gears are important for your survival and comfort. Leaving them behind is a mortal sin.

There are a lot of brands and stores you can choose from if you want to purchase these gears. But if you are on a tight budget, you can rent them from your guides.

Before heading to climb Mt. Apo, be in the know of each mountain gear and why you need to have it with you.

There are still more to come in my next article. But for now, you can email us at discovermtapo@gmail.com to schedule your climb.

6 Reasons Why Climbing Mt. Apo Will Change Your Life

Aspiring to greater heights will do you many wonders.  Getting a bird’s eye view will give you a better perspective of things.

It’s the same when it comes to climbing Mt. Apo. It’s better to be at the zenith than at the foot of the mountain because the view is more spectacular, more exquisite, and more fascinating.

Aside from the scenery, mountain climbing will also create a major impact in your life. Below are the reasons why mountain climbing will change your life for the better.

You will meet new people

Usually, you’ll climb with a group of people. Some of whom you haven’t met before and you’ll feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But as you go along the journey, these strangers will eventually become your friends. You talk to them, know them and realize that you are in unity with them to achieve a common goal: to reach the peak of the mountain.

You will be physically healthy

In my previous article Aim High, Go Mountain Climbing, I’ve written that this sport will help you lose 472 to 745 calories per hour. Other perks of mountain climbing include preventing killer diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and avoiding depression.

To be healthier, read my article 6 Incredible Superfoods for Mountain Climbers.

You will be patient and unrelenting

This experience will be one of your best teachers in life. You will learn from climbing Mt. Apo that not all things will be given to you easily. You need to strive unceasingly until you achieve victory in conquering the mountain.

You will appreciate Mother Earth

By witnessing the beauty of Mother Earth, you will find it devastating to see it destroyed. As a consequence, you’ll be inspired to protect the environment and guard it for this and the next generation.

You will not take anything for granted

Hours and hours of walking will make you tired and thirsty, which will require you to drink lots of water. But of course, the supply of water is scarce and so you will make every drop of water count.

The same thing goes with food. It’s difficult to bring huge amount of it in your backpack. Because of this, you’ll desist committing a mortal sin of wasting food.

You will see the mountain up close

How many people have already seen Mt. Apo personally? I’m guessing that out of the total population in the entire world, not so many have been to Mt. Apo.

By climbing Mt. Apo, you will be part of the privileged few.

Be up-to-date with the latest promos and the available dates for your climb. Email us at discovermtapo@gmail.com.


In my article on February 10, 2016, I wrote about the different gears that you should bring when climbing Mt. Apo. For a quick recap the gears, as mentioned, are as follows: tent, sleeping bag, ropes, carabiners, flashlights, head torch, and first aid kit. If you think these things are the only ones you need to bring, think again. There are still a lot to know about. In this article, we continue our discussion about mountain gears and the reason why you should not leave them behind.


Never commit the mistake of failing to bring a whistle. It may be tiny and you may think it is unnecessary, but it can actually save your life.  By blowing the whistle when you’re in peril, the rescuers would know where to locate you.

The article of Mountain Rescue England & Wales  is just amazing. It tells us that for the purpose of getting rescued, you need to make six long blows. After that, you stop for about a minute. Then, repeat the process over again until a rescuer comes near you.

Water Containers

I’m sure you are aware that climbing Mt. Apo is physically exhausting, which makes you sweat a lot. Because of this, you need to bring water and energy drinks, like Gatorade. Just be sure that you store these drinks in clean containers or bottles to avoid contamination, which is the root cause of waterborne diseases.

If you want to, you can also use a hydration pack. In choosing the right hydration pack, please read T.D. Wood’s incredible article.

Food and Snacks

You can’t let lethargy knock you down because of starvation. How can you have the stamina to go on this activity if you ran out of food? Thus, bring enough food and snacks for your own good.

On the other hand, if you have excess food, don’t overeat since this would make you tired and sluggish. Share it with your co-mountaineers, instead.

Cooking Equipment

You have the liberty to demonstrate your kitchen prowess by cooking your food in Mt. Apo. Even though, it seems too much to handle, you can cook if you’re really up for it.

Before you can show your skills ala MasterChef, don’t forget to bring along these cooking equipment. First up is the hiking stove. Next is the cookware like pots, pans, and kettle, which must be suitable for outdoor cooking.  The last ones would be a tong or a spatula, a spoon and fork, a bowl, a plate, and a mug.


How can you carry your things seamlessly when you don’t have a backpack? In picking the perfect backpack, check its capacity (meaning the amount of weight or volume that it can bear), durability, and comfort.


Forgetting to bring a pocketknife is inexcusable. A pocketknife serves many purposes, especially in mountain climbing. From slicing food ingredients to cutting bandages, you’ll never know when you’ll need one.


Reaching the peak of Mt. Apo is one of the highlights in your life. Be ready to immortalize your cherished memories by taking wonderful photos.

Read Must Have Mountain Gears And Why You Really Need Them, Part 1. Don’t forget to book your climb with Discover Mt Apo.


Mountain climbing is the type of sport that you should never leave undone in your lifetime. It is an incredible way of having fun, while enjoying a picturesque view and the lush surroundings of the great outdoors.

Although mountain climbing is profoundly enjoyable, it could be physically and mentally tough for most, if not for all. When you’re not cautious enough in doing this activity, you could be seriously hurt. We absolutely don’t want that happening to you under our watch. Hence, the need to bring these essential mountain gears and equipment.


First and foremost, you should not forget the tent on your list because it is your temporary shelter out there. Since the weather is unpredictable and rains may catch you off-guard, you need a good quality tent that can shield you just fine.

To avoid any hassle or difficulty in handling, opt for a tent that is lightweight, yet still durable.

Sleeping Bag

Another thing that you must include is the sleeping bag. It acts as a cushion to provide the necessary comfort while you’re in deep slumber. Aside from that, it also gives  warmth because of its built-in thermal insulation.

Since mountain climbing entails a lot of physical exertion, you need to have the right amount of good night sleep to gain sufficient energy the next day.


Ropes can be seen anywhere. Perhaps, they may mean nothing to you at this time. But when you’re off mountain climbing already, you will definitely appreciate them because they are crucial in saving your life. It is because their function is to absorb the energy required to halt a person in free fall without injuring him. In other words, the ropes are there to stop you from falling if you slip.


Once you have ropes, you must also have carabiners. A carabiner is a metal ring with a sprung or screwed gate that acts to hastily connect components in a fall protection system.

Flashlights/Head Torch

Of course, these things are needed to provide light if there is no or poor light source.

First Aid Kit

In case of emergencies, a first aid kit will come in handy. According to the Red Cross, your first aid kit must have absorbent compress dressings, adhesive bandages, an adhesive cloth tape and antibiotic ointment packets. Further, it must also have antiseptic wipe packets, an aspirin, a breathing barrier, a blanket, instant cold compress, non-latex gloves, hydrocortisone ointment packets and scissors. Also, roller bandages, sterile gauze pads, an oral thermometer, triangular bandages, and a first aid instruction booklet are required.

Always remember to check that the things inside your first aid kit are not expired.

If you’re thinking about climbing your first mountain, as a newbie climber, or your next mountain, as a seasoned mountaineer, make the mighty Mt. Apo your next riveting challenge to beat. Discover Mt. Apo will be privileged to be your partner and confidant to help you in fulfilling this achievement.

To know more about Discover Mt. Apo, please read our previous post.


Discover Mt. Apo is your number 1 guide to climb the highest peak in the Philippines. Aside from being the leading company when it comes to climbing Mt. Apo, it also offers you an immensely easy peasy method to book your climb. Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to www.discovermtapo.com

Since you are reading this article, you’re already in Discover Mt. Apo’s website. This step has already been accomplished.

Step 2: Go to the “Rates & Booking” Page

Once you click the “Rates & Booking” tab, you can choose whether to go directly to the different packages offered by Discover Mt. Apo or to look first at the list of available dates for a group climb.

Step 3: Choose Your Package

Discover Mt. Apo has 9 impressive packages for you to choose from. Take a look at each package closely to know if it’s a match for you.

What makes this company a cut above the rest is that it offers Package 9. In this package, the clients can customize their climb in case they find the other packages too expensive.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry because Discover Mt. Apo has got you covered.

Step 4: Click “Book Now.”

By clicking the “Book Now” tab, you’re already 1 step closer to conquer Mt. Apo.

Step 5: Wait for your confirmation email.

When you have completed your booking with Discover Mt. Apo, the cordial staff will send your confirmation email as soon as possible.

As regards your payment method, you can pay through Paypal, credit card, or bank wire transfer.

Then, you’re done!

If you have any further questions, concerns or requests or want to schedule for a group climb,  feel free to email Discover Mt. Apo at discovermtapo@gmail.com or call +63-932-882-0828. You can also leave a message through its Facebook account.

Doing business with Discover Mt. Apo is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

So wait no more. Book your climb now.

To know more about Discover Mt. Apo, please check this video.


When it comes to booking your climb to Mt. Apo, it is a basic requirement that you opt for a legitimate company to do the job for you. One company, which I highly propose, is Discover Mt. Apo.

First, let me give you a short background of Discover Mt. Apo. It started its operations in 2014. Since it began, it has already served a lot of happy and contented clients, comprising of Asians and Europeans around the globe.

So why choose Discover Mt. Apo?

Offers an all-in package

You are on the right direction if you choose Discover Mt. Apo. It offers a no-hassle package for your climbing needs. It will do the task of picking you from the airport, transporting you from your hotel to the campsite, then back to your hotel. Aside from that, this company will provide you with porters, cooks, and guides, who are experts of the terrain of Mt. Apo.

There’s more. Discover Mt. Apo’s all-in package also includes a 1-day hotel stay, climb certificate from the Department of Tourism, payment of permit fees and entrance and exit fees. Additionally, your filtered water and energy drinks during the actual mountain climbing are supplied. Not only that, the package also consists of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As for your outdoor sleeping equipment, no need to worry because you will be handed your tent and sleeping bag.

An additional service, which Discover Mt. Apo offers, is that it can arrange other tours for you, specifically in Davao City, the countryside, and Samal Island.

All you have to do is to come to Davao. Then, Discover Mt. Apo will take care of the rest. How hassle-free is that?

However, when you choose freelancers and fly by night tourist guides, it is doubtful if they can provide such all-inclusive and all-embracing package for you.

Proven and Tested

Like what I have said earlier, Discover Mt. Apo has already served numerous clients. Because of this, the company’s reliability when it comes to climbing Mt. Apo is not an issue. In case you’re curious about finding out what clients have to say about Discover Mt. Apo, you may check out its website.

Further, the guides hired by the company are seasoned mountaineers and have climbed Mt. Apo repeatedly. With this, they have already mastered the Mt. Apo trail.

Not to mention, that they are licensed in mountain climbing and trained in First Aid. Hence, your safety is warranted.

On the contrary, if you select freelancers, their authenticity, capability and expertise in accompanying and leading you to climb Mt. Apo are disputable.

Always Available for you

If ever you have queries about climbing Mt. Apo, Discover Mt. Apo is always ready, steadfast and available for you. You can contact Margaret or Peter, whether by email, by phone, or through Discover Mt. Apo’s Facebook account. They will respond to you in no time.

Adversely, freelancers and fly by night tourist guides may not be accessible all the time. Certainly, this becomes a major concern for you.

In fulfilling your goal to reach Mt. Apo’s summit, choose Discover Mt. Apo. You can never go wrong with it.



In my previous article, I talked about the different hot and fun activities that you can do this summer of 2016, with climbing Mt. Apo as your number 1 priority. After you have read the said article, I assume now that you’re already convinced to take the challenge of conquering the Philippine’s highest peak. Thus, in this article, I’ll be discussing with you the importance of entrusting your Mt. Apo climbing experience with a legitimate company.

The first question that comes to mind is “why choose a legitimate company over some freelancers and fly by night tour guides?”

Legitimate companies will make your every penny count

Let’s be honest. Mountain climbing can be pretty pricey. Although there are a lot of promos and discounts out there, you still have to set aside enough money for you to get through such activity. Besides spending for your mountain climbing apparels and gears, you also have to pay for your airplane tickets (especially if you live in a different continent), accommodations, transportation expenses, and other fees in relation to your climb.

I am not saying that you should not continue your journey to Mt. Apo just because it entails quite a sum of money. What I just want to tell you is to choose a company that you can rely on to give you your money’s worth.

When you choose genuine companies, they will guarantee to be true to their commitment of giving you the best escapade.  They will be with you in your ups and downs in trekking Mt. Apo. Since they are learned about Mt. Apo to the point of mastery, they can guide you as to which trail to take, where to stop for the night, and other things about Mt. Apo. They won’t promise you that it’s going to be all easy. What they would promise is that every sweat and tear will be worth it once you see how beautiful the view on top of Mt. Apo.

On the contrary, freelancers and fly by night tourist guides may not be able to meet your expectations and give you that kind of experience.

Your Climb is 100% legal

When it comes to freelance and fly by night tour guides, you can’t really be certain if they have the required papers or have already settled the fees essential for your climb. In that case, these things pose major problems for you.

However, when you choose to book with accredited companies, you are definitely assured that your climb is legal. They really make sure that they have secured the necessary documents before you head out and start your climb. Also, the climb permits are already taken care of and the entrance and exit fees are already paid once you enter into contracts with them. Aside from that, they also follow protocols and the rules mandated by the Tourism department. That’s how law-abiding these companies are.

Next question is “what company should you trust?”

That company is Discover Mt. Apo.

Let me give you some tidbits about Discover Mt. Apo. It started in 2013, but became fully operational in 2014. Since it began, it has already served numerous satisfied clients worldwide. 70% of the clientele are Asians and Europeans, while the remaining 30% are locals.

Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned mountaineer, a foreigner or a local, Discover Mt. Apo is 100% ready to support you all the way for your quest to Mt. Apo.

Interested? Get to know more about Discover Mt. Apo by checking out our website.