Mountain climbing is the type of sport that you should never leave undone in your lifetime. It is an incredible way of having fun, while enjoying a picturesque view and the lush surroundings of the great outdoors.

Although mountain climbing is profoundly enjoyable, it could be physically and mentally tough for most, if not for all. When you’re not cautious enough in doing this activity, you could be seriously hurt. We absolutely don’t want that happening to you under our watch. Hence, the need to bring these essential mountain gears and equipment.


First and foremost, you should not forget the tent on your list because it is your temporary shelter out there. Since the weather is unpredictable and rains may catch you off-guard, you need a good quality tent that can shield you just fine.

To avoid any hassle or difficulty in handling, opt for a tent that is lightweight, yet still durable.

Sleeping Bag

Another thing that you must include is the sleeping bag. It acts as a cushion to provide the necessary comfort while you’re in deep slumber. Aside from that, it also gives  warmth because of its built-in thermal insulation.

Since mountain climbing entails a lot of physical exertion, you need to have the right amount of good night sleep to gain sufficient energy the next day.


Ropes can be seen anywhere. Perhaps, they may mean nothing to you at this time. But when you’re off mountain climbing already, you will definitely appreciate them because they are crucial in saving your life. It is because their function is to absorb the energy required to halt a person in free fall without injuring him. In other words, the ropes are there to stop you from falling if you slip.


Once you have ropes, you must also have carabiners. A carabiner is a metal ring with a sprung or screwed gate that acts to hastily connect components in a fall protection system.

Flashlights/Head Torch

Of course, these things are needed to provide light if there is no or poor light source.

First Aid Kit

In case of emergencies, a first aid kit will come in handy. According to the Red Cross, your first aid kit must have absorbent compress dressings, adhesive bandages, an adhesive cloth tape and antibiotic ointment packets. Further, it must also have antiseptic wipe packets, an aspirin, a breathing barrier, a blanket, instant cold compress, non-latex gloves, hydrocortisone ointment packets and scissors. Also, roller bandages, sterile gauze pads, an oral thermometer, triangular bandages, and a first aid instruction booklet are required.

Always remember to check that the things inside your first aid kit are not expired.

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