In my article on February 10, 2016, I wrote about the different gears that you should bring when climbing Mt. Apo. For a quick recap the gears, as mentioned, are as follows: tent, sleeping bag, ropes, carabiners, flashlights, head torch, and first aid kit. If you think these things are the only ones you need to bring, think again. There are still a lot to know about. In this article, we continue our discussion about mountain gears and the reason why you should not leave them behind.


Never commit the mistake of failing to bring a whistle. It may be tiny and you may think it is unnecessary, but it can actually save your life.  By blowing the whistle when you’re in peril, the rescuers would know where to locate you.

The article of Mountain Rescue England & Wales  is just amazing. It tells us that for the purpose of getting rescued, you need to make six long blows. After that, you stop for about a minute. Then, repeat the process over again until a rescuer comes near you.

Water Containers

I’m sure you are aware that climbing Mt. Apo is physically exhausting, which makes you sweat a lot. Because of this, you need to bring water and energy drinks, like Gatorade. Just be sure that you store these drinks in clean containers or bottles to avoid contamination, which is the root cause of waterborne diseases.

If you want to, you can also use a hydration pack. In choosing the right hydration pack, please read T.D. Wood’s incredible article.

Food and Snacks

You can’t let lethargy knock you down because of starvation. How can you have the stamina to go on this activity if you ran out of food? Thus, bring enough food and snacks for your own good.

On the other hand, if you have excess food, don’t overeat since this would make you tired and sluggish. Share it with your co-mountaineers, instead.

Cooking Equipment

You have the liberty to demonstrate your kitchen prowess by cooking your food in Mt. Apo. Even though, it seems too much to handle, you can cook if you’re really up for it.

Before you can show your skills ala MasterChef, don’t forget to bring along these cooking equipment. First up is the hiking stove. Next is the cookware like pots, pans, and kettle, which must be suitable for outdoor cooking.  The last ones would be a tong or a spatula, a spoon and fork, a bowl, a plate, and a mug.


How can you carry your things seamlessly when you don’t have a backpack? In picking the perfect backpack, check its capacity (meaning the amount of weight or volume that it can bear), durability, and comfort.


Forgetting to bring a pocketknife is inexcusable. A pocketknife serves many purposes, especially in mountain climbing. From slicing food ingredients to cutting bandages, you’ll never know when you’ll need one.


Reaching the peak of Mt. Apo is one of the highlights in your life. Be ready to immortalize your cherished memories by taking wonderful photos.

Read Must Have Mountain Gears And Why You Really Need Them, Part 1. Don’t forget to book your climb with Discover Mt Apo.