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3 Compelling Reasons for Climbing Mt. Apo During Kadayawan

The Kadayawan festival is fast approaching. It highlights the greatness of Davao city’s diverse cultures, and as such it’s a pretty colorful event. The festival is one thing that Davao city is very well-known for, and tourists flock to the city during Kadayawan season.

This season also presents a great opportunity to climb the country’s highest peak. But why would you want to do that amid the excitement of Kadayawan? Here are three good reasons.

Fewer people climbing mt. Apo

Most people will be too busy participating in the festivities of Kadayawan in the heart of Davao City. This means you’ll have less competition for mt. Apo during this time. The fewer people trekking through the mountain, the more you can enjoy the experience intimately. Also, you can easily choose from among the best mt. Apo guides available, since they’re not too busy.

climbing mt. apo

Durian season

Durian is considered the King of All Fruits. Known for being smelly on the outside but tasty on the inside, you’ll love this fruit. Just don’t mind the strong odor; once you take a bite, you’ll change your mind about it.

The month of August is when Durians are most abundant. In Kadayawan season, you can see almost every street corner selling Durian. There will be more than one opportunity for adventurers to taste it. It’s the perfect treat after a grueling hike to mt. Apo.

climbing mt. apo

Take advantage of special Kadayawan discounts and sales

Kadayawan season is always good for business. The influx of tourists, both local and international, present great opportunities to earn something extra. To attract buyers, shops all over the city hold special sales and discounts. And that includes us at Discover Mt. Apo.

This season, we are offering a 10% discount on all our climb packages! Take full advantage of this, and fast – the offer is only good until August 21.

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Wary of Online Payments? We Have an Alternative For You

Here at Discover Mt. Apo, we pride ourselves with our online booking and payment system. Climbers don’t need to stress over going to an office anymore to book their next adventure. Anywhere you may be in the world, and at any time, you can be on your way to climbing mt. Apo in a few clicks. You don’t even have to pay in cash. Convenience is the name of the game; all you have to think about is preparing for the trek.

But not everyone trusts online payment.

We recognize that there are still those who are wary of buying stuff online. It could be for security – no one wants their credit card details all over the web for others to see. And we totally understand that, which is why there is an alternative.

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We have a bank transfer option for you.

If you’re one of those who still prefer paying in cash, don’t worry. Discover Mt. Apo offers two payment options – online via PayPal/Credit Card as well as offline through bank deposit. Just select “Option 2 – Bank Transfer” in the booking page. Fill in the fields, and you’ll be sent instructions in your email address on the account number and how to deposit your payment.

Climb packages too pricey to pay in one go? No problem; all we need is 50% of the full price to get you started. You can pay the remaining 50% later on, before finalizing your climb details.

It’s as easy as the video below shows:

The rest of the booking process is still simple and convenient.

Choosing your climb package, climb dates, meal options (yes, we do cater to vegans and vegetarians), and other extras are all done online. No need to make costly long-distance phone calls or tedious trips to a travel agent’s office. We believe that booking a reliable mt. Apo guide does not have to be a chore.

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Ready to begin your journey? Contact us now and book your climb early!


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Is Climbing Mt. Apo during Kadayawan a Good Idea?

Kadayawan comes from the word madayaw, which means “good”, or “beautiful”. True to its origin, the Kadayawan Festival in Davao city brings the best and the most beautiful things about the city to life. The city is home to 11 different tribes; Kadayawan is their chance to bring the different aspects of their culture to the public eye.

But the cultural displays are just the tip of the iceberg. Davao has so much more to offer. One of them is the majestic mt. Apo, which also prides itself having the highest peak in the entire Philippines.

So, going back to the first question…

climbing mt. Apo

Is Climbing Mt. Apo a good thing to do during Kadayawan season?

It certainly is! The weather is particularly cooler at this time of the year, so sunburn is less of a concern. The literal coolness should also help ease your exhaustion during the trek. Arranging the climb is also a lot easier thanks to our packages for climbing Mt. Apo.

When you book one of our climb packages (group or solo/duo), we provide everything you need – transportation, tents, registration, climb fees, environmental permits, even complete meals for the 3-day hike. And the transport is a first-class, air-conditioned private van – not a flimsy truck or any vehicle exposing you to the elements. Most importantly, we provide professional mt. Apo guides to show you the way through the mountain.

What else is included in each climb package?

  • Climb Certification
  • Compulsory Climb Fees (Registration, Exit Fees, Booking Fees)
  • Mt. Apo Guide (2 guides for 1-6 climbers, or 3 guides for 7 climbers)
  • Private Air-conditioned Van Transportation with our DMA guides (back & forth Davao-Basecamp-Davao; pick up from a specific location (to be announced) and free transport after climbing within Davao city only)
  • COMPLETE MEALS for 3 DAYS (Day 1: Lunch, Dinner; Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch)
    NOTE: If you’re a vegetarian or vegan or has a specific diet, you can customise your meal on our booking page.
  • FREE filtered Water
  • FREE use of Tent (2-3 persons per tent)
  • FREE use of Trekking poles (1 pole per person)
  • FREE Souvenir Jersey Shirts (“I conquered Mt Apo” designed by TeamDMA)
  • FREE YouTube/mp4 video of the climb (compilation of photos from the climb provided by the clients)
  • 30% OFF on your next climb with us OR bring 3 climbers with you, your package is on us!
  • Referral gifts – Refer-A-Friend

What else is special about climbing Mt. Apo at this time of the year?

Here’s the kicker. This Kadayawan season, we are offering a 10% discount on all our climb packages! Just enter the code TEN2018DAVAO when booking your climb. Cool, yes? A little something to make your visit to Mt. Apo Davao more special.

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Kadayawan: What’s Good This Season?

The Kadayawan Festival. It is Davao City’s defining festivity, showcasing the various cultural icons of the different people living in the city. It runs during the month of August and attracts both local and and international tourists.

Not only do the tourists want to witness the festivities; they also want to explore the sights and sounds Davao has to offer. The Davao region is a notable tourist spot in the Philippines, known for its beaches, falls, and other natural wonders.

Mt. Apo is one of them

At nearly 3,000 meters in height, Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines. It presents a monumental challenge for climbers everywhere. But for the determined adventurer, that’s a challenge they would gladly take on. Are you one of them?

Book your climb with a reliable Mt. Apo guide

At Discover Mt. Apo, we have everything covered. All you need, from airport pickup to tents, you will get. Of course, you’ll also get reliable and professional mt. Apo guides to take you through the trek.

Not only that. There’s more – this Kadayawan season, we’re offering a 10% discount for all our climb packages! Whether you’d like to share the experience in a group climb, or go on your own in a solo climb, you’ll get to save this season.

Here’s everything you’ll be getting:

  • Climb Certification
  • Compulsory Climb Fees (Registration, Exit Fees, Booking Fees)
  • Mt. Apo Guide (2 guides for 1-6 climbers, or 3 guides for 7 climbers)
  • Private Air-conditioned Van Transportation with our DMA guides (back & forth Davao-Basecamp-Davao; pick up from a specific location (to be announced) and free transport after climbing within Davao city only)
  • COMPLETE MEALS for 3 DAYS (Day 1: Lunch, Dinner; Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch)
    NOTE: If you’re a vegetarian or vegan or has a specific diet, you can customise your meal on our booking page.
  • FREE filtered Water
  • FREE use of Tent (2-3 persons per tent)
  • FREE use of Trekking poles (1 pole per person)
  • FREE Souvenir Jersey Shirts (“I conquered Mt Apo” designed by TeamDMA)
  • FREE YouTube/mp4 video of the climb (compilation of photos from the climb provided by the clients)
  • 30% OFF on your next climb with us OR bring 3 climbers with you, your package is on us!
  • Referral gifts – Refer-A-Friend

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Why Choose Reliable, Trustworthy, and Effective Tour Guides in Climbing Mt Apo?

Why Choose Reliable, Trustworthy, and Effective Tour Guides in Climbing Mt Apo?The moment you got an invitation to visit Mt. Apo from some friends, you have already been gathering all the necessary things that you need during the climb – from the outfit to the food items and to other personal essentials. Yes, you have been so excited since you learned about the trek.

But don’t you know that climbing the country’s highest peak is not just about those preparations? Have you been informed that the enjoyment of your entire journey towards the summit of this magnificent peak also relies on your tour guide?

climbing mt apo

Having a reliable, trustworthy, and effective tour guide is definitely a consideration that must be among your top priorities. By choosing someone who is professional and knowledgeable enough about the trail that you are going to pass, you will surely make your whole climb more worthwhile.

Read on to get some important insights on why you should choose the best tour guides and not settle for cheap yet risky ones.

  • A professional tour guide is educated about the place. As you climb Mt. Apo, you are expected to see a number of species of flora and fauna (which might be the first time that you would see such) and even some tribal people inhabiting the area. If your tour guide is equipped with all the important details as well as the historical and cultural background of the place, he/she can explain everything well to you. By doing so, he/she makes the journey more exciting and a learning experience, too.

discover mt apo

  • A happy tour guide means a happy journey. Of course, you don’t need a tour guide who is sarcastic or too serious in sharing some interesting facts about the place! By having a tour guide who has a sunny disposition, the trek will certainly become a happy journey, despite the need to hurdle all obstacles like the many boulders that you need to get through.
  • Think of safety and security. If you are getting a tour guide who is not from a reputable tour operator or company, you are somehow putting yourself at risk. You must never forget to always position your safety on top of your priorities. Thus, always hire a tour guide who will not just make your journey fun and exciting, but someone whom you can entrust your life with, too.

So contact us now to complete your ultimate adventure to Mt. Apo’s summit.

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Mountain Climbing In The Philippines: A Must Experience Adventure

In this lifetime, we are bound to experience and enjoy exciting activities that would surely bring us to smile as we look back our past adventures. And one of these fun and exciting activities is mountain climbing.

You may say that you are afraid of heights, apart from being afraid to get totally tanned and filthy, while you trek towards the peak of a mountain. But don’t you know that the entire mountain climbing adventure is totally worth all your fears?

mountain climbing philippines

Yes, you will certainly ignore your inhibitions about mountain climbing once you get to experience this never-to-forget adventure of a lifetime. So what makes it “a must experience adventure” at least once in this lifetime, then? Read on to get a glimpse of why a lot of people, popular or not, are getting hooked on this sport.

  • Meeting new friends. Imagine climbing not just with your friends but with some strangers whom you share stories and laughter with. Isn’t that fun? Meeting new friends while getting your way to the peak is definitely a fun-filled experience.
  • Awesome, breath-taking, and unique scenery. You might find some other awesome and breath-taking scenery while you are below the mountain. However, getting a feel of the unique environment up there is undeniably more awesome than what is down here. The peculiar species of flora and fauna that you see as you trail to the mountain’s summit and the overlooking view of the whole area are surely the major reasons that make the entire scenery awesome, breath-taking, and unique!

climbing mt apo philippines

  • Unleashing the strength in you. You might be hesitant about giving it a try since you are unsure of your limits, particularly when it comes to your stamina. Therefore, you feel that you might not have the capability to make it. Actually, climbing a mountain doesn’t need you to be a professional climber. Once you know how to pace yourself throughout the climb, you will surely yell to go even higher, thus unleashing your inner strength.


  • Finding inner peace. For some, climbing has made them find the inner peace especially when they see the sun rises even before it becomes vivid down the plains. They say that climbing is more than just enjoying the majestic beauty of the mountain because it helps you know yourself better.
  • Getting closer to loved ones. If you are climbing with some friends and family members, it is actually an opportunity for you to enjoy each other’s company even more. As you trek towards the top, you get to enjoy a good laugh amidst the hardship in making it through.

Are you excited to experience mountain climbing in the Philippines or Davao? Email to book your Mt Apo tour now!

But no dramas, you can directly register your Mt Apo climb on our website. Our 3-Easy Steps – Click here to book your climb now!

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Dreams really do come true! Climbing Mount Apo and reaching its summit is just but a dream, now finally it has become a reality!

“Dreams really do come true! Climbing Mount Apo and reaching its summit is just but a dream, now finally it has become a reality! My first major climb to a mountain’s peak and to the highest one in the country has become possible last June 30 to July 2 of this year through Discover Mount Apo’s team #DiscoverMountApo.

Doubts troubled our minds, weaken our hearts. Ask for help if needed. As we started on foot, climbing that steep hill carrying my pack bag going to Sitio Colan which for seasoned climbers was just some sort of ‘warm-up’ seemed to have drained all my energy abruptly. That moment hit me in the head that my preparation was not good enough, as I was catching up my breath so heavily and there was a second right there that I doubted myself if I can do it. Perhaps, my body did not feel well because it so happen that I had my monthly period. My thoughts were “Why it has to be now???”, though I see ‘it’ coming already. The struggle was so real, it was so tough. I thought my body would gave up on me, but I made it through rain or shine! Thank God! Thanks to Kuya Nel our porter for carrying our bags right where it needed it to be safe and sound. Kudos to #TeamDMA superb guides and pro-ecology warriors Francis, Oliver and to the ever patient head guide and ou r ‘sweeper’ Elvis. Shout-out to my life savers, Romeo, Jen, Margot, Dominique and Mae.

Believe in yourself, don’t let your dream slip away. Listen and be prepared. It was 22 days before the big day that I confirmed my registration, still waiting for my travel buddies to sign up, then I was good to go (at least in paper though)!

For me, it was helpful to research, read the tips and blogs, even to watch the videos too on the page of The checklist given to us and the online communications made it hassle free. But to know a ‘bit’ of what was there gave some apprehensions, actually the decision to pursue this was not quick and easy because we expect that June-July comes with a rainy season and that surely will truly be a difficult and dangerous climb up there! Fortunately, God was so good and the weather was bearable for all of us. Our clothes were secured from getting wet as it was packed with plastic bags, thanks to the immediate advised by the #TeamDMA. It rained in the afternoon of day 1 (June 30), and on day 2 (July 1) while we were at the peak waiting for the sunset. Lucky we finished our dinner just right on time before the heavy rain poured at Campsite 2; the night was freezing until morning of the third day (July 2).

Go beyond the limits; Mother Nature will provide. The Trail tested our limits! Our endurance is not limitless, we also got tired but Mount Apo has given us beautiful resting sites along the way where we can fill our lungs with oxygen, look around various plants, take a sip of refreshing water chilled by nature’s low temperature or even mingled and talk to our fellow climbers. As we jumped off from Sitio Tampis, huge rock nestled in the grassland, dead trunk of anotong or tree fern, the rock in the Tinikaran campsite carpeted with mosses, the Lion’s Head, and the great boulders became our oxygen-charging-stations. Mount Apo was so gracious it provided climbers sweet berries along the boulders to quench thirst and soothe dry throats while heavily gasping for oxygen in the air mixed with sulphur gas.

We can be pro-ecology warriors in our own little way. The damage to Mount Apo Natural Park due to the forest fire more than a year ago still remains visible. The dead and burned shrubs were still there, around the crater and along the other side of the ridge. Ferns were growing on the ground below these shrubs, I think it must be the start of recovering. We saw that our Mount Apo is still is starting to heal and re-opening it may pose some disturbances again. This trek made me see the flora that was there for the very first time, some of which are threatened like the Tree Ferns or Anotong, didn’t expect to see relatively visible Lycopodium (or Lycopodiella) along the grasslands and at White Sand campsite, and fern that is difficult to find like Ophioglossum! There were unique plants, trees, ferns and mosses that we have not identified, unfortunately. My trek buddy was captivated by the beauty of mosses which have so delicate and very fine unique structure. We saw birds inside the forest unknown to us and even in the boulders. I just hope that the wildlife told to us by our humble guides are still there existing and not struggling to live. I commend our three guides for dedicating themselves as volunteers in putting out the forest fire more than a year ago.

Chasing sunset or sunrise may fail, but there is always a rainbow after the rain. All the physical hardships that we went through the trail and the thoughts running inside our heads were eventually blown away by the cold wind as we reached the summit! Our faces were painted with smiles and full of wonder and amazement of the great creation and the magnificence of Mount Apo. Though we have not witnessed sunset, we have seen rainbow like no other!

Pray. Pray. Pray. This would have not been possible without the protection and guidance of our Lord God who has been always there, in every second and in every step of the way. Everyone went home safely.”

By Aileen Delima, certified Mt Apo conqueror
Photo Credits: Aileen Delima, Romeo Cadaoas


Davao is becoming the ultimate travel destination for both nationals and foreigners. From a city, which was likened to the Wild Wild West decades ago, Davao is the next world-class city. Thanks to the collective efforts of Davaoeños.

The locals are very proud because Davao has turned into a celebrated city. They are so eager to let everybody know how beautiful life is in Davao. Because of their undying love and support for this city, they created a slogan saying, “Davao, Life is Here.” Hence, people from all parts of the world want to know why Davao is the place to live.

As a certified Davaoeña, I’m giving you a glimpse of what Davao is like. Here are my top 5 reasons why life is here in Davao.

  1. One of the safest cities in the world

Davao has a remarkable peace and order situation. That’s why the locals can sleep soundly at night. They can also wander the streets without fear of getting mugged. They can use their laptops, smart phones, and other gadgets in public places. Generally, they are happy because they are assured of protection. They feel that when they are in Davao, they are free from danger.

  1. One of the cleanest cities in the country

Davaoeños are disciplined. They dispose their garbage properly and clean their mess. Consequently, there is hardly any garbage littered on the streets.

The people are really dedicated to make Davao as clean as possible. It’s because they know that tidiness is important for an orderly community.

  1. Inexpensive cost of living

People can live comfortably without spending too much unlike in other urban areas in the country.

According to Numbeo site, each of them can eat a meal in an affordable restaurant for as low as P87.50. Further, they can enjoy a bottle of beer for an average of P50.00. Likewise, they can already rent a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area for only P6,000 a month. These examples show that anyone can live decently in Davao without hurting his or her pocket.

Certainly, life is in Davao.

  1. Environment-friendly

Nature lovers will love Davao. Although Davao is classified as a metropolitan area and earned the status of the hub of Mindanao, it does not allow the construction of high-rise buildings. Instead, it advocates the planting of more trees and plants.

Not only that, Davao is a protector of Mt. Apo, which is the highest peak in the Philippines. Recently, Davaoeños showed their reverence to Mt. Apo when it suffered on Black Saturday a devastating fire, which burned approximately 1,000 hectares.

  1. Many tourist attractions

Davao has so many tourist spots that will convince you to visit. From the charming beaches to the lush forest, Davao has them. If someone is in for an adventure, he or she can swim in Samal Island in the morning and go to Eden Nature Park in the afternoon.

Davao is indeed blessed with lots of things. “Davao, Life is Here” is not merely a slogan, but a reality to every Davaoeño.

Are you excited to experience how spectacular Davao is? Email to book your davao tour now!

The Enchanting River of Surigao- Surigao Island Tour



For the water is deep and full of mystery.


Your Surigao Island Tour would not be complete if you haven’t seen and taken a dip into the crystal clear waters of the Enchanted River of Hinatuan. It is situated 30-minutes from the town of Hinatuan. This destination has become one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. It hasn’t been long since this river was discovered by the locals. However up to this very day, no one has solved the mystery as to where the water really came from. Some say it is from the sea while others claim that it is from the spring. But for wherever it came, one thing is certain, that the water is deep and full of mystery.

The locals believe that this place has become a dwelling place for unseen creatures like fairies, pixies and mermaids. They also serve as the guardians of this place to protect it from outsiders. According to the caretaker and lifeguard of this river, there were unexplained bodily pains, itchiness and other skin problems that some have experienced after taking a bath in the river. Perhaps these people have not shown respect that’s why they were given these minor punishments.

There is another interesting thing about this river. It is so deep that up to this day, no one has ever reached the bottom of it. Many foreigners attempted to break the record but none had succeeded. Most people who swim only go to the shallow part of the water. The area where the water’s color is between aquamarine to blue.

At exactly 12 noon, the caretaker rings his bell which is a signal for everyone to vacate the area as it will be feeding time for the fish. The “Hymn of Hinatuan” is played in the background and several kinds of fish appear out of nowhere. It is such a wonderful experience seeing a live aquarium with all kinds of fish beating one another as to which among them could get the food first. The caretaker usually feeds them with leftover rice, shrimps and other food scraps.

Around the premises, there are several cottages selling all kinds of seafood. You can pick and have them cooked for you at a reasonable price. Swimming is not allowed at night as the locals believe that around this time, it is reserved for those that we cannot see.

If this is not enough reason for you go on a Surigao Island Tour, then I’ll tell you of two more reasons that would surely convince you to try this best summer destination. In my next posts, I’ll tell you about the majestic waterfall of Surigao and the interesting islets of Britannia.

During this Surigao Island Tour, it would be best if you could get the services of a travel agency like This would not only make your vacation stress free but also safe. Surigao is a bit of a laid-back town and the transportation is not that convenient. The accommodations are also limited hence, in order to save you time and energy in booking then I strongly suggest you take the services of a tour package company.