6 Reasons Why Climbing Mt. Apo Will Change Your Life

Aspiring to greater heights will do you many wonders.  Getting a bird’s eye view will give you a better perspective of things.

It’s the same when it comes to climbing Mt. Apo. It’s better to be at the zenith than at the foot of the mountain because the view is more spectacular, more exquisite, and more fascinating.

Aside from the scenery, mountain climbing will also create a major impact in your life. Below are the reasons why mountain climbing will change your life for the better.

You will meet new people

Usually, you’ll climb with a group of people. Some of whom you haven’t met before and you’ll feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But as you go along the journey, these strangers will eventually become your friends. You talk to them, know them and realize that you are in unity with them to achieve a common goal: to reach the peak of the mountain.

You will be physically healthy

In my previous article Aim High, Go Mountain Climbing, I’ve written that this sport will help you lose 472 to 745 calories per hour. Other perks of mountain climbing include preventing killer diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and avoiding depression.

To be healthier, read my article 6 Incredible Superfoods for Mountain Climbers.

You will be patient and unrelenting

This experience will be one of your best teachers in life. You will learn from climbing Mt. Apo that not all things will be given to you easily. You need to strive unceasingly until you achieve victory in conquering the mountain.

You will appreciate Mother Earth

By witnessing the beauty of Mother Earth, you will find it devastating to see it destroyed. As a consequence, you’ll be inspired to protect the environment and guard it for this and the next generation.

You will not take anything for granted

Hours and hours of walking will make you tired and thirsty, which will require you to drink lots of water. But of course, the supply of water is scarce and so you will make every drop of water count.

The same thing goes with food. It’s difficult to bring huge amount of it in your backpack. Because of this, you’ll desist committing a mortal sin of wasting food.

You will see the mountain up close

How many people have already seen Mt. Apo personally? I’m guessing that out of the total population in the entire world, not so many have been to Mt. Apo.

By climbing Mt. Apo, you will be part of the privileged few.

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