I’m back with a fresh article, which is a continuation of 5 Not-So-Easy Steps To Climb Mt. Apo. I’m sharing with you 5 more tips, which I know you’re thrilled to hear.

Book a Guide

It’s too risky and prohibited to go up the mountain alone. You must be accompanied by a guide, otherwise you can’t proceed to climb.

To be assured of your safety, you need to have a seasoned mountaineer to go with you to the peak. And you’re guaranteed to have such guide if you book your climb with a legitimate company. It’s because it hires expert mountain climbers, who know the Mt. Apo terrain even with their eyes closed.

Your safety must be a top priority, hence do business with a company that will not put you in jeopardy.

Prepare for the Trip                     

You’ll need to have your plane ticket and hotel accommodations all set, especially if you’ll be travelling from abroad. You also have to prepare your mountain climbing apparel, gears, equipment, and supplies. Besides that, you should process your permit ahead of your climb and pay your entrance and exit fees. Coordinate with your guide beforehand for any other requirements per protocol.

If you want to avoid the hassle of planning your climb, choose Discover Mt. Apo  because it offers an all-in package. From the airport transfer to the hotel accommodations, everything will be taken care of by the company. It will also shoulder your food and drinks and offers rental services for the equipment.  More importantly, it will handle all your climb permits and fees. You just have to bring yourself to Davao City.

Be Acquainted upon Arrival

Set up your base camp. Familiarize the mountain’s terrain by studying the maps. Also, be updated about weather conditions, or any news. Then double check your gears, equipment, and supplies. Moreover, always follow instructions and never hesitate to ask any questions. Finally, stretch and do warm-up before you start to climb Mt. Apo.

One, Two, Three, Climb

This is the time when everything you’ve read, studied, listened, and watched about mountain climbing will be put into action. Take your time if needed and know your pace. You must also listen and follow your guide. Get some rest along the way and be rehydrated to avoid fatigue. Additionally, you must always stay with your co-climbers. Lastly, take photos and savor every moment because you deserve it.

Respect the Mountain

Heard of the saying, “Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time?” This must be your philosophy in Mt. Apo or in any travel destination.

You should not leave any trash like plastic, cigarette butts, or other waste material. Also, you should never take or kill anything from the mountain so you can have a souvenir.

The mountain is home to over 272 species of birds, including the Philippine Eagle, and the indigenous groups. Because of this, everyone, including you, must do his or her part to preserve its glory.

Do you want to climb Mt. Apo the VIP style? Email us at [email protected] to learn how.