Freedom in Climbing Mt. Apo

The Philippines just celebrated its Independence Day last June 12. This year marks the 120th year since the Philippines gained freedom from more than 300 years of Spanish rule. Mabuhay! Independence has its ups and downs, but we want to focus on the ups. One of the liberties you gain is the freedom of climbing mt. Apo whenever you want.

Whether you’re a Filipino or a foreigner, it’s a great experience to climb the highest peak in the Philippines. As a Filipino, you don’t want to be a foreigner in your own country, so go ahead and explore. And if you’re a foreigner, mt. Apo is a good choice; it’s one of the great tourist destinations the Philippines has to offer the world.

But climbing mt. Apo would not be a good experience without proper planning. Thankfully, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to arrange your climb. Just do your due diligence beforehand, and you’ll surely enjoy your trek through the mountain.


Cheaper flights

Promo fares and seat sales are everywhere in the Philippines, and they go on at any time of the year. Be always on the lookout for cheap flights from different carriers. Book your flights to mt. Apo Davao according to when you want your climb to be. Ensure allowing for a few days of travel time too, because it’s a long ride from the Davao airport to the foot of mt. Apo.


Good mt. Apo guides

climbing mt. Apo

Hiking on your own is not advisable, especially if you have never been to mt. Apo before. Climb guides like ours at Discover mt. Apo are there to keep you headed in the right direction all the time. Getting lost in the mountains is never pleasant, so it pays to have people to guide your way. Our mt. Apo guides also know more than one trail as well, so you can choose which one you want to pass through.


Legal and government-backed

mt. apo guides

Whenever you book a climb with us, you’re always assured that the excursion is completely legal. Discover mt. Apo secures permits from the local government for every climb arranged, and our mt. Apo guides are likewise registered and recognised by the local government to conduct tours through the mountain. Entry and exit fees required by the local government are also included in our tour packages. You can be certain that your climb is legitimate.





3 Simple Rules for Preserving the Environment While Climbing Mt. Apo

Climbing mt. Apo can be your best and most memorable outdoor experience: The fresh mountain wind gently hitting your face, the magnificent view from above greeting your eyes, and the lush greenery brushing against your shoes. The whole journey may be exhausting, but in the end is all worth the effort. Reaching the summit feels as if you have conquered your greatest challenge yet.

All the while, the picturesque mountain environment envelops you and keeps your eyes staring in awe. A great part of the climb is witnessing the nice view, and it should be that way for all climbers. That’s especially true for those that go after you.

It is every climber’s duty is to preserve the mountain’s environment. As much as possible, the trail should be looking as pristine as it was before the climbers got there. So if you’re an aspiring to trek into mt. Apo, always keep these principles in mind.


1. Take nothing but pictures.

Everything that is in the mountain belongs to the mountain. Leave the plants, trees, and animals alone. Don’t pick flowers, fruits, leaves, or anything – not even stones. Nothing in mt. Apo’s environment belongs to you, so leave them where they are. Just keep climbing; enjoy the journey to the summit. If there would be anything that catches your eye, don’t pocket it. Instead, pull out the camera from your pocket and just take a good photo.

2. Leave nothing but footprints.

The first rule of keeping any place clean is “no littering”. Never throw any piece of trash onto the ground. No one wants to go climbing mt. Apo only to find plastic bags and bottles strewn all over the trail. Either pocket your trash or put them in your bag for the moment. You will always find a proper waste bin to dispose of them after the trek. If you don’t want to carry any garbage in your bags, avoid bringing disposable plastics altogether. Rather, go for the reusable ones like tumblers, lunch boxes, and ziplocks.


3. Kill nothing but time.

What if you chance upon a cool-looking animal you haven’t yet seen anywhere else? It’s tempting to touch it, pet it, or even feed it. No matter how strong the emotional connection is, though, just don’t. The wildlife are pretty much living fine in their natural habitats. Anyone climbing mt. Apo has no reason to upset the delicate balance of its ecosystem. Let the critters scurry along their merry way. More so, people taking notice of them may already be stressful for them, so it’s really in the animals’ best interests for climbers to leave them be. You never know, doing what you think is harmless may soon spell the end of an entire species.


Eco-friendly climbers are the best climbers. Be one of them and surely you’ll make a lot of friends along the way. Ready to begin your journey? Contact us now for the best mt. Apo guides you can get for an affordable price.

Climbing Mt. Apo: Three Tips for Getting Over It

Climbing a mountain is a common metaphor for conquering your fears. It takes a lot of effort, both physical and mental. It also takes time; convincing yourself of doing the thing you’re afraid of is never done overnight.

At first the idea of climbing mt. Apo may make your hair stand on end. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it means you’re filled with excitement, but bad because at the same time, you’re consumed by fear. Worse is most of the time, the fear takes over. Your “what ifs” and doubts overwhelm your mind. Thanks to that, you decide not to climb the mountain anymore.

Before you can even climb to the physical peak of mt. Apo, you must get over that mountain in your mind first.

Facing that fear is an uphill battle too. It may not be physically taxing, but it still takes much conscious effort. Just getting yourself to make the decision to climb is already something to conquer in itself. In this conflict of the mind, you will need all the help you can get, so here are three pieces of advice to get over it.

1. Feeling afraid is normal.

Fear is a natural human emotion. Biology and psychology would say that fear protects us from danger. Climbing mt. Apo does have its risks, so some of your fears are pretty much valid concerns. Feeling afraid does not mean you’re weak; it only means you are a normal human being.

2. People fear what they don’t know.

If people do something for the first time and they have no idea what to expect, they feel afraid. That’s the thing: people are afraid of what they don’t know. Ask yourself this: “Am I afraid of climbing mt. Apo, or am I just afraid of not knowing what will happen?” More than likely, it’s the latter you’re fearing.

3. Facing a fear will only make you stronger.

There’s a quotation that goes like this: “Face your fears and they will disappear.” It’s very true. You are only afraid before the climb. Once you’re doing it, you may still be nervous, but slowly you will feel your fears whittle away. The higher up the mountain you get to, the more confident will be. Excitement will then take over the fear that has overwhelmed you before. And once the fear is gone, you will have the greatest feeling you’ve ever had in your life.

Once you’ve finally made that decision, the next thing you’ll need are some reliable mt. Apo guides. At Discover Mt. Apo, our guides are fully equipped and trained to give you the best mountaineering experience. Contact us now to know more about how to book your climb.


Climbing Mt. Apo: An Uphill Battle

Climbing Mt. Apo is a very exciting prospect.

The feeling of trekking uphill for the first time makes your heart beat faster and gives you a rush of adrenaline. More so if you’re about to head for the tallest mountain in the Philippines. It can certainly feel good when you’re already there. Before that, though, there may be a bigger challenge – getting yourself to actually commit to the climb.

Making that decision can be hard for most people.

You may be feeling the fear yourself. What if I don’t make it to the top? What if I get too tired early? What if I don’t have the endurance to make it? These and many other questions may be on your mind when you have never climbed a mountain yet.

It’s a valid concern. People always fear things they are not sure of because they like to be in control. The issue, though, is exactly that you are not sure of what will happen. Yes, you could be tired early. Yes, you may not make it to the top. All of these are possible, but they are not certain.

Now turn all of that the other way around.

Ask yourself these questions instead: What if I do make it to the top? What if I do have the endurance? What if I won’t get tired easily?

See how everything changes? It’s all in the attitude. If you really, genuinely want to climb Mt. Apo, you have to convince yourself that it’s worth a shot. Don’t let those fears take control of you. Instead, face those fears and watch them disappear. You will be surprised at what you can do when you set your fear aside. Do it anyway. After you’re done with the climb, you will thank yourself a lot.

So, are you trying to find ways on how to climb Mt. Apo? Contact us today and book your climb. We have you covered.