Climbing Mt. Apo is no easy peasy, yet definitely worth the sweat. If you are willing to take this challenge and very much eager to discover mt. apo, make sure to plan ahead. Brace yourself for some prep work before you could reach the peak.

One very important detail that you should not miss out on your checklist is the proper kind of climbing apparel. It is absolutely a must-have because it would protect you from the inclement weather (Yup, expect downpour and strong winds) in the mountains.  In line with this, let me give you a quick rundown on what’s hot and not for mountain climbing.

The major components of a climbing attire are the base layer, the middle layer, and the outer shell. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Base Layer

A base layer is the layer immediately next to the skin. It acts to draw the dampness from the skin and onto the clothing.

Wearing cotton garments (even underwear) is a big no-no for mountain climbing because it absorbs too much sweat. The moisture retained on the clothing gives off a cooling effect on the body and causes hypothermia.

Instead of cotton, switch to synthetic and wool materials for your base layers.

Middle Layer

Next to the base layer is the middle layer. Its purpose is to provide insulation by trapping the air.

Preferably, choose fleece or synthetic material for your middle layer.

Although the middle layer is there to give you warmth it still should be breathable and would not restrict your freedom of locomotion.

Outer Shell

After the middle layer, comes the outer shell. Its function is to protect you in case the weather circumstances worsen. This is your first line of defense from the harsh weather conditions out there.

An important feature of an outer shell is that it must be waterproof and windproof yet still maintaining breathability and comfort. Also, it is essential for it to have a hood so as to give utmost protection to your head.


To complete your get-up, have your backpack, sunglasses, gloves, and boots ready. Of course, they must be durable and suitable for your mountain climbing experience.

Now that you know the right kind of clothing and accessories, put on that fabulously sporty look together and be set for that mind-blowing Mt. Apo escapade.

If you want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to climb Mt. Apo, you may want to check out Discover Mt. Apo’s video.


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