Summer 2016 would officially kickoff a few months from now. However, as early as January, we already have a taste of summer because it is everyday hot and sunny in Davao.

Do you already daydream relentlessly as to what your adventure would be like this summer?  If you don’t have that picture perfect yet, let me give you some tips on what to do for your 2016 summer getaway.

  1. Scuba Diving

Plunging into the bottom of the deep blue sea is a great way for you to beat the heat this summer. Scuba diving will not only help you cool off, but will also give you a relief from your stresses and anxieties. This will also help you relax while you drift into the sea.

Another thing about scuba diving is that it will make you appreciate the beauty hidden underwater. You will encounter different species of plants and animals that maybe you have only read about in books. Through this water sport, you will realize that the magnificence of Mother Nature does not stop on land, but goes beneath the sea.

  1. Cycling

Cycling, also known as biking, is another activity that I recommend for you to do this summer. It is an easy low-impact exercise that will make you enormously fit and healthy. By doing this sport regularly, not only will you have loads of fun and adrenaline rush, but you will notice an improvement in your balance and coordination, strength, and overall wellness.

A published article says that biking is also good for the heart, muscles, waistline, immune system, and mental health.

Another advantage of cycling is that you are able to contribute for the betterment of the environment. By riding your bike instead of your car, you are able to go to your destination minus the production of greenhouse gases.

  1. Martial Arts

If you don’t know anything about martial arts yet, then this summer is the right time for you to learn about it.

According to Blackbeltmag , the philosophy of martial arts is to teach about respect, discipline, hardwork, sacrifice, and humility. It also trains to walk away from trouble, lose the ego and fight only as a last resort.

Through martial arts, not only will you be in excellent physical condition, but you will also imbibe the values of respect, discipline, and humility, just to name a few.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an outdoor sport, which I highly encourage you to do this summer. Among all the activities, you should not miss mountain climbing for the world because the excitement of doing this is at an all time high.

If you are considering this sport, there is no better way to do it than to climb Mt. Apo. Since it bagged the title of the highest peak in the Philippines, it will be your biggest challenge to date.

When climbing Mt. Apo, make sure that you bring with you tons of guts, determination, and discipline because these are your keys to discover Mt. Apo successfully.

I am confident that you already have a mental image of what you want to do. Actually, you can do all 4 of them as long as you make climbing Mt. Apo your priority this summer.

To know more about discover Mt. Apo, check this video.