6 Incredible Superfoods for Mountain Climbers

These days the sweltering heat of the sun can really be felt. Don’t you wish you were in a far faraway land with breezy winds and cool weather? If that’s certainly what you want, I’ve got the perfect place for you.

That is at the top of Mt. Apo. Not only would you enjoy a cool climate, you will also get that picture perfect scenery. Precisely, it is going to be a feast for your eyes.

Before you pack your belongings and go straight to climb Mt. Apo, condition yourself physically.

First things first, know the different kinds of food that will boost your energy to help you survive climbing Mt. Apo.

The following are the superfoods for mountain climbing.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are large starchy root vegetables. They are a good source of Vitamin A , which helps form and maintain healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin, and vision. They are also rich in Vitamin C, needed for growth and tissue repair in all parts of the body.

Aside from Vitamins A and C, sweet potatoes contain iron, important for blood function, potassium for the proper function of cells, organs and tissues in the body, and manganese for fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

In an article by Jessie Szalay, sweet potatoes have lower glycemic index, which means you will have a steady amount of energy by munching on sweet potatoes without getting elevated blood sugar levels.

  1. Milk

As reported by the Dairy Council, it says that milk is a rich source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein which are all necessary for healthy bone growth and development, and for the maintenance of healthy teeth.

  1. Bananas

According to Megan Ware, RDN, LLD, bananas are great for lowering blood pressure because of their high potassium levels, and for supporting heart health because of their fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 content.

  1. Oats

As mentioned by the Whole Grains Council, oatmeal improves immune system defenses, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lowers bad cholesterol, and controls blood pressure.

  1. Tea

Today reports that tea builds strong bones. According to its published article, a study confirmed that a person who drank tea for 10 years or more has the strongest bones.

Moreover, Today claims that tea aids the immune system defenses and increases metabolism.

  1. Dark Chocolates

Reader’s Digest says that dark chocolates can help prevent heart disease because they contain flavonoids that act as antioxidants. Further, flavonoids absorb UV light, and so they help protect the skin leading to improved complexion.

Dark chocolates also stimulate endorphins, which is a type of hormone that prompts feelings of pleasure

Who says chocolates can’t be good for you? For those who have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to sacrifice eating that luscious chocolate just to stay healthy.

Being in a state of optimal health and wellness is really an important factor for you to be able to discover Mt. Apo.

So the next time you go grocery shopping, remember these 6 superfoods that would help you be in tiptop physical condition.

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