Climbing Mt. Apo: Preparation for Your Adventure

Climbing the Philippines‘ highest mountain, the Mount Apo, will surely be a great and fun adventure for you and your companions, however, certain preparations must be made first.

Considering that this is an outdoor activity that requires not only a healthy body but an equally prepared mind as well, certain preparatory measures must be considered prior to taking your first step towards the apex of the Mindanao peak.

Here are some tips that could help you keep going when you and your friends (or other family members) opt to climb the majestic mountain soon especially that summer is just around the corner:

  1. Never miss a healthy first meal for the day. Eating a nutritious and balanced breakfast is important for you to get the right amount of carbohydrates and nutrients to generate the much-needed energy for your great Mt. Apo climb. Remember that climbing a landform that is 3,144 meters above sea level is not an easy task. In short, you have to be packed with energy as you kick start your adventure.
  2. Provide your family all the details of your trek. This is a necessary move that you should take before you even think of wearing your trekking shoes and carry your climbing bag. This will ensure your safety throughout the climb. This means that your family is aware of when they should expect you home. Therefore, when you tell them that you would be back by Tuesday, they will surely look for you should you not be home yet by then.
  3. Be aware of the weather forecast during your climb to Mount Apo. Since reaching the top of Mt. Apo would entail a few days of trekking and climbing, depending on the trail that you are taking, it is extremely important to know the weather updates on the days that you will be away for your own safety. By doing so, you will be saved from bad experience when you climb on a bad weather.
  4. Never leave the compass. Climbing Mt. Apo is definitely an exciting journey, especially if it would be your first time to be on top of it. Amid this excitement, you must never forget the fact that you might not be familiar of the terrain and the right way to reach the peak. With the help of a compass, you will be guided on which path to take.
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Things To Keep In Mind When Climbing Mount Apo

Climbing Mount Apo can be both exciting yet exhausting because of the terrain that you need to conquer. However, we can never blame you for considering it as part of your to-do list when it comes to outdoor activities because we know for a fact that it is indeed a fun sport.

Before you get your gear ready, how about reading the following tips first? These practical set of advice might be helpful to you before you hit the road and the foot of Mount Apo with your friends, officemates or relatives.

Learn About The People You Will Meet

When you are on trekking towards the summit of Mt. Apo, you will meet several original inhabitants of the place. At least five (5) groups of indigenous peoples whom you might get acquainted with while mountain climbing. They are the Manobo, Bagobo, Ubo, Ata and Tagacaolo who have been considering the place as their home. Therefore, respect them as well as their home. This means that you need to adopt proper attitude in dealing with them and their surroundings.

So before you start climbing Mount Apo, find time to research about these IPs and learn what you should do and what you should avoid.

Know About The Existing Flora And Fauna

While trekking can be very tiresome, your journey will never be dull because of the many species of flowers and animals that you might encounter.

Based on records, there are 227 vertebrates animals that are under the 69 kingdoms of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Apart from that, it is also home to 272 species of birds, 111 of which are endemic to the area, and 118 species of butterflies.
And we are pretty sure that you have already hear about the Philippine eagle. Well, you can meet the country’s national bird when climbing the majestic Mt. Apo,

Keep These Facts In Mind

Mt. Apo is the Philippines’ highest peak with an altitude of 3, 146 meters encompassing the city of Davao and the provinces of Davao del Sur and Cotabato.

If you are standing on the highest point of this magnificent mountain, you will be overlooking Davao City to the northeast, Digos City of Davao del Sur to the southeast, and Kidapawan City, North Cotabato to the west.


The peak is a recognized national park by virtue of Proclamation no. 59 by President Manuel L. Quezon on May 9, 1936. This was further strengthened with the issuance of Proclamation no. 35 of May 8, 1966 then Proclamation no. 882 of September 24, 1996.

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Exercise Routines Before Climbing Mount Apo

Are you excited about your first climbing experience to Mount Apo? Well, we can never blame you for that since such outdoor adventure is definitely an exhilarating one.

But before you get so excited about doing it, you need to consider a few tips first, particularly on what exercises you can actually do prior to hitting the foot of Mt. Apo. Therefore, apart from preparing your gears, you also need to ensure that you are physically fit. Remember, mountain climbing is a sport that needs physical strength and utmost stamina.

So keep on reading to learn more about the most practical and easy to follow exercises that you start doing right away.

The Advantages of Doing Mountain Climbing Exercises

If you are an aspiring mountain climber who wants to enjoy climbing and reaching the peak of Mount Apo, you need to understand that such sport is a complete body workout. Thus, you need to simulate it with the way you perform your exercise routines.

When you are doing a full body workout, you are expected to burn more calories which in return will make you more fit and achieve the muscle strength that you explicitly require for your life’s great trekking adventure.

The so-called “mountain climber exercise” can be performed anywhere since you only need a small nook or space where you can do it.

Apart from this advantage, you will likewise enjoy other benefits like cardiovascular and muscular strength and improved flexibility and blood circulation.

The Benefits Your Muscles Will Get

As a full body workout, climbing Mount Apo or doing the “mountain climber exercise” work on a number of muscles, like your deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, obliques, rectus abdominals, lower trapezius, latissimus dorsi, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip adductors and hip abductors.

How To Do It, Your Step By Step Guide

Here are the specific steps that you need to follow when you perform the “mountain climber exercise:”

  1. Find a position wherein there is an elevation that will make your hands right below your chest at shoulder width with your straight arms apart from each other.
  2. Make sure that you are in a position wherein your shoulders down to your knees are in straight line.
  3. Lift your right foot and keep your knee close to your chest. Make it as close as you can.
  4. Repeat 1 to 3 but now use your left foot.
  5. Continue doing this exercise as many repetitions that you can endure.

A New Or An Advanced Mountain Climber, Here’s For You

If you are new to this outdoor activity, you can do the knee to chest movement slow at first then going faster eventually as you become more familiar with it.

Meanwhile, if you already an advanced mountain climber, you can place your hands on a platform (elevated) simulating the adventure of climbing Mount Apo. By doing so, it makes the exercise more difficult.

As you are now ready to step up your mountain climbing preparedness exercise, why don’t you contact a tour operator now who can guide you all the way for a great climbing Mount Apo experience?


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