Climbing Mt. Apo: Which trail to take?

For so many climbers, climbing Mt. Apo is among the most challenging peaks to conquer because of its height which is touted to be the highest in the country. With its elevation of 3,144 meters above sea level, it is being regarded as the dream peak of all Filipino mountaineers. In fact, when a Filipino mountaineer has already reached its highest point, it becomes his biggest achievement among his conquered peaks in the Philippines.

So, how difficult it is to reach the top of this majestic mountain in the Southern part of the country? Are there different trails to follow depending on the preferences of the climber?

There are actually four established trails which mountaineers can take in order to reach the summit of Mt. Apo. These are the following:

1. Climb Mt. Apo via the Sibulan trail. Reaching Sibulan in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur would only mean less than an hour of driving from Davao City. The Sibulan – Mt. Apo Trail is said to be the most interesting trail because of its width. Despite its narrow path, this particular way to reach the peak of Mt. Apo boasts of lush vegetation and a jungle that features the richness of an ecosystem that is home to different flaura and fauna species.

By passing through this trail, your stamina and determination to reach the top will surely be put to test as you have to hurdle some boulders.

2. Discover Mt. Apo via the Kidapawan trail. Going to Mt. Apo using the Kidapawan, North Cotabato trail is regarded as the easiest way up. On the average, it will only take a backpacker two days to finish the entire climb, which means going up and going down, including taking of photos while enjoying the trek.

From Davao City, a climber has to travel for about three hours to reach the Kidapawan – Mt. Apo Trail.

3. Mt. Apo climbing via the Kapatagan trail. When you want to reach the summit of Mt. Apo via the Kapatagan trail in Digos City, Davao del Sur, you need to travel a little over an hour from Davao City to be at the foot of this trail, which is adjacent to the Sibulan route. However, unlike the Sibulan – Mt. Apo. Trail, this route is wider and would take you a little longer to get to the top.

4. Experience Mt. Apo via the Mt. Talomo trail. The Mt. Talomo – Mt. Apo Trail is touted to be the most challenging route. While it is only found in Davao City, a climber or backpacker has to allocate five days (includes both going up and down) to completely enjoy the majestic view from the top of the country’s highest peak.

The above-mentioned trekking/climbing time schedules are only estimates. It still depends on how quick you go up and down of the Mt. Apo, and of course, how much time you spend to take photos during your entire journey. But one this is sure, you will definitely relish the experience of Mount Apo climbing.