If one would choose one word to describe Mt. Apo, it would be this: Majestic. Based on the experiences of those who have scaled the mountain’s heights, here are the four good reasons to convince you to make the climb.

  • It is the highest peak.

    Towering at 3,146 metres (10,321.5 ft), it is the country’s highest peak. It would certainly be a major achievement for neophyte climbers and experienced mountaineers to reach the summit.

  • It is home to rich flora and fauna.

    Mt. Apo it teeming with wildlife. It is home to more than 272 species of birds, 111 of which are endemic to the area. It also the natural habitat of the Philippine Eagle, which is known as the world’s largest eagle.

  • Opportunity to meet the IPs.

    Mindanao is considered a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. By climbing Mt. Apo, you will have the chance to meet indigenous tribes in the region which include the Manobo, Bagobo, Obo, Tagacaolo, and Ata. At each step of the way, you will also learn something new about the culture of these mountain tribes.

  • Getting a bird’s eye view.

    Once at its peak, you can already claim that you are on top of the world. Like a bird soaring above the sky, you will be rewarded with spectacular view of the Davao and Cotabato regions down below and will make you want to stay a bit longer.

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